Meet Fox Valley Animal Hospital Vet Alex Brittan

Vet Alex Brittan began his love affair with all things animal since before he could remember. By five years old, a young Alex was looking after birds that fell from nests, tending to squirrels and picking through hedge-hogs to find their ticks. The local vet, Nigel, introduced a curious young Alex to animal healthcare and the idea of rescuing and re-homing animals. It wasn’t long before Alex had a thriving menagerie of terriers, cats, guinea pigs and even a tortoise, to call his own.

Luckily for us, the young child interested in animals has grown into the Vet Alex Brittan of today.

As a Sydney vet servicing the Ku-Ring-Gai council area from his veterinary surgery at Wahroonga, Alex has turned his love affair with animals into a much loved career. Alex believes in making sure all his staff are up to date with their training, and that the focus is on positive outcomes for his animal patients.

Alex’s motivation behind Fox Valley Animal Hospital is fairly simple. He wants a welcoming place where the care is centred on the animal’s needs, and where pet owners are empowered with knowledge and advice that help maintain your family pet’s health between visits.

Improving the health of your family pet through prevention, treatment and providing the best possible services is what Fox Valley Animal Hospital is all about!

This is reflected in Alex’s state of the art animal hospital, his well trained and lovely veterinary staff, and the community of loyal animal lovers that choose Fox Valley Animal Hospital as their family pet’s healthcare provider.

But the commitment doesn’t end there. Alex has made a point of actively re-homing animals of all shapes and sizes, including running an adoption program at Fox Valley Animal Hospital and working with rescues for racing animals such as greyhounds and horses. Alex also supports Oscar’s Law and has many beloved rescue pets of his own.

Vet Alex Brittan from Fox Valley Animal Hospital with Pooky Zoolander the cat

When Alex isn’t looking after animals, this Sydney vet loves nothing more than spending time with his wife Kate, son Archie, and making great friendships and connections with new and interesting people.

Vet Alex Brittan is a graduate of the prestigious Sydney University’s Bachelor of Veterinary Science.

Want a vet that cares about your family pet as much as you do?

Call Alex and the team from Fox Valley Animal Hospital on (02) 9489 4805