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Giving Australian pets the best possible summer holiday experience

Australian pets are especially lucky to have use around for the summer season. Between public holidays and school holidays, it can be a great time for family pets to truly enjoy family life.

At Fox Valley Animal Hospital, we love seeing the new Australian pets that summer brings. Summer is also a great time to spend time with your existing family pets and bond.

We all look forward to the end of the year to minimise stress, chill out and enjoy our loved ones.

Here are some of the ways you can do the holiday period right with your Australian pets over the summer and beyond 

Buy good quality toys

Australian poets are lucky because they do have quality pet toys available. The issue is distinguishing the good from the bad. There may be a lot of gifts flying around during the festive season and you may be tempted to buy up big for your family pet. Family pets however don’t need a lot of toys and belongings to make them feel special. In fact, pets are far more interested in the experiences than objects.

Some of the ways you can show your pet you love them without buying lots of pet toys are:

  • Choosing Kongs, games and puzzles over types of gifts. Your family pet, cat, dog or pocket pet, loves exercising body and mind. If you supply pet toys that allow that to happen, they’ll be suitably impressed
  • Look for toys that help with maintaining health. There are some great chew toys and dental treats on the market that give hours of fun while cleaning the gums and teeth
  • Spend time teaching your pet how to work with a soft toy. While our dogs especially enjoy soft toys, it’s best to encourage the gentle nature of your pet with gentle handling tips. Instead of handing over a soft toy to end up in tug of war, in the dirt and more, lovingly stroke the soft toy and spend time teaching your dog that it means “gentle”. Restrict access. It helps to teach great manners with smaller creatures and associate “gentle” with gentle behaviour, a great thing to use around small children, the dog phobic and elderly
  • Choose quality toys. We stock a great range of toys for all kinds of Australian pets at Fox Valley Animal Hospital. They’re all safe and vet approved so you and your pet can play without concerns for broken toys, swallowed pieces and general unsuitability

A healthy diet makes for healthy Australian pets 

The Christmas period sees us break out all manner of delicious treats. That doesn’t mean your pets should indulge as well. Meats like ham and pork are far too fatty for your family pet to digest and should not be fed to cats and dogs. Common flavourings such as onion and garlic can make your pet sick, so anything cooked with these sorts of herbs should be avoided at all costs. High doses of sugar and fat are always problematic, so resist the temptation to give leftovers.

You should also be mindful that certain commonly found Christmas items can make your pet quite sick or even endanger their life. Alcohol should never be left unattended as it can make all kinds of animals unwell. Fruit cake and minced pies are a danger as they can cause kidney failure. Chocolate can make a pet very ill and would require vet attention. And diet sweets and drinks (and peanut butter) containing Xylitol should be kept well out of reach of all pets as it may poison your pet if ingested.

Some household foods you can give are peanut butter (make sure you check to make sure no Xylitol is present), apple slices without the seeds and cores, chopped carrot, plain chicken without skin, cooked beef in small chunks, banana, eggs and fish.

If you do want to treat your pet to something special, pop on in to Fox Valley Animal Hospital. We have a great selection of healthy treats to give your dog, cat or pocket pet.

Even if our cat is eyeing us from across the room or the dog is flopped happily on the floor in a snooze while the bunny ferrets for more to munch in its hutch, rest assured, your pets are glad you are there.

Taking your pet with you during family holidays and spending extra time with them at home helps both pet owner and pet alike. Dogs especially love exploring new territories and seeing new places.

All Australian pets love seeing their humans about the place. So why not include your family pet in your holiday plans? Set time aside for walks, visits to the beach and use your dog to get you moving after all that rich Christmas fare. Brush and groom your cat and spend time playing games. Look for new tricks you’d love to teach your pets and set some goals to learn new things together.

Or you can simply cue up Netflix and get a few extra belly rubs in.

Whatever the case, a happy holiday is great with a little extra pet time under your belt.

Get you know your new family pet

Many families choose the summer holidays as the right time to get a new family pet. With additional time to show them the ropes, bond and train, it can be a great time for all concerned. It’s the best way to introduce Australian pets to the family with the most available support.

At Fox Valley Animal Hospital, we welcome questions and can help you choose the right pet for your family. Having the sort of pet that suits your lifestyle, family personality and has the right temperament can make all the difference. So please, drop in and ask for advice or give us a call on (02) 9489 4805 to discuss.

We also have a long history of fostering cats and kittens as well as working with the many rescues in the local Wahroonga area, so if you are looking to adopt, we can help.

Any new pet will need time to adjust to their surroundings and new family. We recommend approaching the integration of a new pet by allowing additional time to be home, extra supervision between any existing pets and the new arrival, and having boundaries around access to the new pet as far as the children are concerned.

Taking the time to get to know your pet and their likes and dislikes is important. And don’t forget the all-important health checks, de-sexing, microchipping and council registration.

Need a hand? We’re only a phone call away!

The joy of holidays with your Australian pets

Summer calls- and so too do long days, small adventures and a whole lot of love. Including your family pet in those summer adventures and sharing the love can be the most fun part of the holiday season.

Want to ensure your holiday is the best one possible? Drop into Fox Valley Animal Hospital to update your flea, worm and tick protection. Grab some great quality treats and pet toys for Santa’s big day. And ask all the questions you need to enjoy your holiday with your family pet.

Want to bring more joy to Australian pets this summer? We’re located at 107 Fox Valley Road, Wahroonga and you can reach us on (02) 9489 4805 and talk to one of our helpful vet nurses today.


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