Wahroonga vet nurses help with fearful dogs

When pet anxiety reigns: what do you with a fearful dog

Our Wahroonga vet nurses are passionate about helping fearful dogs overcome anxiety. We’ve talked about pet anxiety at our vet clinic before- and now we’re taking a deeper dive into fearful dogs. Some dogs will continue to be fearful all their life. It might come from their...
pet anxiety

Understanding pet anxiety and how it manifests

Pet anxiety can come out in some strange ways, yet it’s surprisingly common. Every single mammal on the planet understands fear. It’s a situational response we have that allows us to consider, respond to and plan for danger. But what of anxiety? And specifically, what of...
senior cat

How to keep your senior cat happy and healthy

We’ve talked about senior pets and dogs– so now it’s time for senior cat advice. A senior cat is a wonderful pet to have. Cats are wonderfully self-assured animals with lovely personalities. Adopting a cat of all kinds of ages is usually a positive experience. But like any...
senior pets

Prevention is better than cure with senior pets

We continue looking at senior pets on our vet clinic blog. Last blog, we talked about signs you may see in your senior dog of ill-health or a loss of mobility. Today, our Wahroonga vet clinic looks at what you can do to support your doggy senior with some simple changes in...
senior dog

Signs of ageing and special health needs in your senior pet

A senior dog is an excuse to payback all the wonderful things they have given you over the years. Think of all those waggly-tailed welcomes, snuggles on a cold day and times when your dog knew when you needed some fur-therapy. Old age for your dog means changes to most facets of...
dog health

Dog health: 5 supporting services to enrich the life of your dog

Dog health is a multi-faceted subject and it doesn’t begin and end with quality vet care. Gone are the days where we pop Fido out the back on a chain or all alone for a day. We’ve come to understand that our relationship with dogs is so much richer and that our canine...
feline pregnancy

What to do with a pregnant cat to ensure a healthy feline pregnancy

There are pretty much only two reactions we see at our vet hospital to the idea of a feline pregnancy – one of joy from a breeder or one of worry from a concerned pet owner or citizen. Unwanted kittens are problematic in our society. They cause people to freak out and even the...
rabbit illnesses

How to spot common rabbit illnesses in your pet bunny’s skin

Ensuring you can spot common rabbit illnesses is a little tougher than the average cat or dog relationship. This is partly because rabbit healthcare isn’t covered quite as much as our feline and canine friends. And because pet bunnies are amazingly good at masking symptoms....
pet health mental stimulation

Maintaining pet health: Mental stimulation matters to your family pet

When we think of pet health, we think of dog walks or cat gymnasiums, hamster wheels and the physical equipment that get a body moving. Pet exercise for the body is incredibly important. Like humans, your pets can fall foul of obesity, heart issues and even increase their risk of...
cat stress

Is your cat stressed? Check out these tips to see

Just like you and me, our family pets can get stressed. Including our cool friends, the cat. Cats and kittens can have stress for a variety of reasons. Some can be stressed due to experiences in shelters. They may have biological and temperament sensitivities. Perhaps it’s...