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Understanding the benefits of puppy preschool

Puppy preschool may sound like a weird concept. But it has a lot of benefits for your new puppy. At Fox Valley Animal Hospital, we not only support the idea of sending all new puppies to puppy preschool and other forms of training, we offer our own puppy preschool classes in Wahroonga.

Here’s why we believe puppy school classes give your pup a great start in life

It makes learning manners easier for your pup

Photo of the recent puppy preschool graduates at Fox Valley Animal Hospital in Wahroonga.

Photo of the recent puppy preschool graduates at Fox Valley Animal Hospital in Wahroonga.

Puppy preschool is a wonderful mix of two things puppies usually love- pleasing you as their owner through doing the right thing and hanging out with their puppy friends.

Like children in a school environment, learning in a fun environment with others makes for a much more effective environment.

Most pups are eager to learn. However, they can and do have individual learning styles. Some pups may also have disabilities that change the way they learn.

By working in a puppy preschool, you can match the needs of personality, learning style and detect disabilities or any other needs quickly.

It helps with consistency at home 

One of the biggest dog training issues is keeping it consistent. If everyone has a different way to make a dog sit, lie down, wait or come back, your dog has less of a chance of remembering the commands and understanding them.

By attending puppy preschool, you can learn what other dog owners are learning. You can then apply these methodologies at home.

We know that puppy preschool is as a rewarding experience for the pup as it is for the pup owner. What puppy preschool gives you is the opportunity to start from a well established and uniform starting block. One you can build on throughout your pup’s life.

It helps you bond with your new pup

To a pup, the world is like thousands of stimulants, large and small. They are learning about themselves, you, the world around them, other dogs, other pets and much, much more.

That’s a lot to take in when you are only a few weeks and months old!

By committing to puppy preschool and regular training, you are committing to your pup in guiding them through life. It also means you are teaching them to navigate this big, bright sparkly world in a confident and fun way.

The bond that creates with your new puppy is incredibly powerful.

Redoing puppy preschool helps you stay up to date

Dog training is one of those areas where humans have grown a lot in the last few decades. We’ve moved well away from rubbing pet’s noses in their business, using dominance theory and understand that shame is not part of a dog’s emotional vocabulary.

Beyond moving away from these elements of force and domination, we’ve also learned how to communicate better with dogs overall. This is where puppy preschool can be a great investment.

You can start your new adventure with a dog through using the most advanced understanding of dog training today. It pays to update yourself on dog training through making use of the puppy preschool classes available to you.

Nobody expects you to remember what it was like to train a dog 15 years ago when your last dog was a puppy. We also don’t expect you to become an expert dog trainer in order to give a puppy a safe, rewarding and supportive family environment. Nor should we.

Things have changed. We’ve become much better at working with dogs and with this, our training techniques.

It makes a trip to the vet less scary

Some people wonder why we would offer puppy preschool in Wahroonga at our vet clinic.

The answer is not only is our network qualified to give your puppy the best start in life, we also want to start your dog’s lifelong relationship with vets on a positive standing.

By bringing your puppy to our vet clinic for puppy preschool, we instill in them the message that a visit to the vet is a positive experience. This helps when it comes time to do check-ups, immunise your pup – and if they need treatment later.

We know that by introducing your dog to one vet clinic in a positive way through puppy preschool, that attitude of trust and happiness spills over to other vet clinics.

It’s that feeling of safety, security and a positive association with vet clinics that may make all the difference the next time your puppy needs treatment.

Early dog socialisation is important

Dog socialisation helps your puppy navigate dog-kind in a positive and effective manner. Through exposure to different puppies at an early age, your puppy will start to see the world as a wider place than say their relationship with you or their former litter mates.

Puppy preschool allows your puppy to meet new friends. It also means they continue to learn the ideas of collaborative play they were introduced to with their mother and litter mates. It also helps pups that might not have had the best socialisation relearn behaviour.

Plus, it’s a fun way to exercise, relieve stress and learn good doggy manners. All of which will make sharing the world with your dog easier later on.

You can shape a love of learning in your pup

You can teach and old dog new tricks. In fact, you can invigorate your dog with a lifelong love of learning. One of the best ways to ensure your dog wants to be a continuous learner is to start early.

This is where puppy preschool comes in.

At puppy preschool, you may be learning the basics that help you work well with your pup. But you are also instilling a bravery and curiosity and a love of learning that may last them a lifetime.

Puppy preschool can also be the places where seasoned dog owners, dog trainers and in our case, veterinary professionals can see firsthand the kind of learning works for you pup. You can get advice on how to overcome issues such as a lack of focus. And you may be able to spot potential for other talents your dog may have.

For example, you may discover your dog loves the focus and discipline, making them ideal for advanced classes, agility or dog show skills.

Or perhaps your new surfing, marathon or skateboarding training buddy awaits.

By starting your puppy off on the right building blocks, you can also uncover their own play time desires, sporting and agility abilities.

Puppy preschool for the win

Puppy preschool is such an important part of your young pup’s life. That’s why we offer puppy preschool in Wahroonga at our vet clinic.

Find out about puppy preschool in Wahroonga by calling (02) 9489 4805 today! 


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