Are lumps and bumps on your pet dog cancer?

Dog cancer is a scary concept. Curled up on the couch with your beloved pet for a pat, you suddenly discover your dog has a lump. Your mind starts to race as you try to remember if it was there yesterday when you had a cuddle?  And before you know it, that dreaded words dog... Read More →

Out and about with your pet in Wahroonga, Turramurra and Thornleigh

We’re all about loving the local life at Fox Valley Animal Hospital. That’s why we’d like to take the opportunity to share some of our favourite pet friendly businesses in the local area. Here in no particular order are the pet friendly places in Wahroonga, Turramurra and... Read More →

Online vet advice: How to keep pet teeth clean

At Fox Valley Animal Hospital, we believe in making online vet advice available via our social media (such as Facebook and Twitter) and our blog. This is one such time. We see lots of our pet patients showing various signs of dental disease. These discoveries are normally picked... Read More →

Why pet dental health is important

Smelly breath, inflamed or bleeding gums. Facial swelling. Reluctance to chew or yelping while eating. Tooth discolouration and broken teeth.  These issues are all signs of an unhealthy pet’s mouth. And an unhealthy mouth can lead to tooth loss, infection, and jaw problem... Read More →
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Pet weight loss for cats and dogs

Veterinary healthcare often involves diet, exercise and looking at the are of weight loss. As mentioned in my previous blog on diets, changing what your pet eats is half the solution to pet weight loss. Alongside regular exercise a good diet should see your pet start to lose... Read More →
Pet healthcare services, pet minding and dog walking in in Wahroonga, Turramurra and Thornleigh.

Pet healthcare and supporting services in Wahroonga and beyond

Fox Valley Animal Hospital may be proudly independent, but that doesn’t mean we don’t work with the local Wahroonga community. In fact, we get by with a lot of goodwill and great word of mouth from local pet related businesses in the area. We’re as proudly local as we are... Read More →
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See how easy pet weight loss can be with our FVAH slimmers club!

Upper north shore vet clinics see their fair share of weight related health issues. Nurse Hayley’s latest blog looks at ways we can improve our pet’s quality of life through a pet weight loss program called ‘Slimmers Club’. We have touched on all the reasons why our pets gain... Read More →

The Fox Valley Animal Hospital Royal Canin prize draw

Fox Valley Animal Hospital is dedicated to preventive pet healthcare and what better way to do it than providing the best quality food available. We are excited to announce that one of our lucky clients will win a year’s worth of premium Royal Canin food for their pet regardless... Read More →

Winter pet healthcare specials from Fox Valley Animal Hospital

At Fox Valley Animal Hospital, we do what we can to encourage your participation in the maintenance of your pet healthcare regime. We do this by offering some regular monthly specials in specific areas as well as providing access to loyalty discounts on regular items you may... Read More →