Fox Valley Animal Hospital share the hard facts related to pet obesity

Unfortunately pet obesity is one of the biggest nutritional problems we see at Fox Valley Animal Hospital. The good thing is it can be rectified with the right help, diet and exercise. And the benefits of a slimmer, healthier pet will equal extra years with your special... Read More →

Dr Alex Brittan talks pet arthritis treatments

Vet Nurse Hayley here again. Today, I am looking at pet arthritis treatments in a follow up on my first blog ‘Dr Alex talks about the signs of pet arthritis’. Now we’re going to take a look at what we can do as caring pet owners to ensure our pets are receiving the best pet... Read More →

Veterinary advice: Why healthy pets have healthy poo

Want some unusual veterinary advice? Ok then. You can tell a lot about an animal by their poo. That doesn’t mean you’ll see a lot of Sydney vets running around parks collecting samples. Or that we’ll be asking you to bring in your pet’s leavings the next time you have a... Read More →

Fox Valley Animal Hospital talks pet obesity

It’s vet nurse Hayley here back again. This time with a blog on pet obesity. I see lots of pets each day at Fox Valley Animal Hospital, many for routine examinations such as vaccinations. It’s during these important hospital visits that we sometimes notice that your pet has... Read More →

Pet proofing. Yes, it’s a thing

Like baby proofing, pet proofing is important. If you and the family have decided it’s time to get a pet, there are a few things you’ll need to consider about your home to keep your pets safe and happy. So if you’re about the take the leap into pet parenthood, let’s take a quick... Read More →

Get the lowdown on pet arthritis

Nurse Hayley here again- this time with a blog on pet arthritis to help you get through the cooler seasons. I’m not sure about you but I can really start to feel the bite in the air as we head into the colder months. Winter brings with it a new set of problems and animal health... Read More →

Saying goodbye to your family pet

The death of a family pet is never easy to deal with. One of the hardest parts of being a pet owner is when the time comes to say goodbye to your beloved family pet. As animal lovers and pet owners, every member of Fox Valley Animal Hospital team knows just how heartbreaking it... Read More →
wahroonga wildlife

Hayley’s guide to helping distressed Wahroonga wildlife

Nurse Hayley here again, this time with some useful tips about the Wahroonga wildlife. I worked in the UK for many years as a veterinary nurse  surrounded by the beautiful British wildlife.  But I can honestly say nothing quite prepared me for the wonders of the Wahroonga... Read More →

6 pet healthcare tips you should follow

Pet healthcare is a scary subject to a lot of people. We all know the trauma associated with and the cost involved with treating an unwell pet. But did you know there are certain things you can do to improve your family pet’s chances of staying healthy? Let’s take a look at the 6... Read More →