Shaving your pet for surgery: Yes, it’s necessary

North shore vet hospitals get their fair share of myth-busting to do. But in the “things they never teach you at vet school” file, we have a funny little question (or complaint, depending on the person asking) in “do you have to shave my pet for surgery?” Now some of you may have... Read More →

Visiting the dog groomer is more than looking pretty

Did you know we offer the services of a professional dog groomer at Fox Valley Animal Hospital? And that this service is open to the public, not just our pet patients?  Now is a great time to book your dog in for some time with our professional groomer at the Pooch Parlour. With... Read More →

Paralysis tick time again, is your pet protected?

Vets in Sydney have a common enemy- that of the paralysis tick. Every summer, beloved family pets die from Tick Paralysis despite veterinarians best efforts to save their lives. Tick Paralysis is very distressing for everyone involved. Having nursed countless patients with Tick... Read More →

Veterinary health spotlight: Heatstroke and dogs

In today’s veterinary health spotlight, we’re going to take a look at heatstroke and dogs. There are few things that break the hearts of our staff than preventable animal crisis situations leading to the death of an animal. Unfortunately, heatstroke and dogs is one of... Read More →

Not all Sydney pet hospitals are equal

Are Sydney pet hospitals all the same? What vets and vet nurses study at university, and TAFE may give the impression that we are similar in knowledge and expertise. However, like any career, some Sydney pet hospitals do specialise in certain medical areas, and do have special... Read More →

Time for a trip to the cat or dog dentist for a dental exam

A trip to the cat or dog dentist (aka your local vet!) doesn’t have to be all about extraction and problems. Looking after your pet’s choppers is an essential part of keeping your family pet happy and healthy. Like you and I, dogs and cats are prone to dental issues. Gum... Read More →

How to choose the right pet doctor for you

Whether you’ve moved to a new area or you’re looking to change healthcare providers, choosing the right pet doctor can be a little bit tricky. On paper, there may not be that many differences between the choices available to you, but how do you make sure the advice and care you... Read More →

Your Wahroonga community, your Wahroonga vets

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We fly the flag as being your Wahroonga vets fairly high. Fox Valley Animal Hospital is proudly independent. We’re owned, operated and staffed by animal healthcare professionals who love the Kuringai and Wahroonga areas. To us, being a local vet looking after Wahroonga,... Read More →

What’s it like to be a vet nurse at Fox Valley Animal Hospital?

“What’s it like to be a vet nurse at Fox Valley Animal Hospital?” We get that question quite a bit when talking to students at the local Turramurra and Wahroonga schools.   Fox Valley Animal Hospital is a wonderful place to work. Our staff and volunteers... Read More →