Are you a Fox Valley veterinary clinic customer? We want to hear from you!

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At Fox Valley veterinary clinic we want to stand out from the crowd. We want to make the Fox Valley Animal Hospital a place all the locals in the area know provides outstanding healthcare for your family pets. And to make sure we are true to our mission, we want to hear from you!... Read More →

Find a dog that’s right for your family

Want to find a dog that’s right for you and your family? You’ve come to the right place! Dogs can bring a great deal of joy and love to their families. We know that having a family dog can help keep us active, reduce stress, provide companionship and elevate our mood.... Read More →

Choosing the right family pet for you and your kids

At Fox Valley Animal Hospital, we’re occasionally asked “should the kids get a pet?” If there are Wahroonga vet clinics (or any animal hospitals in Sydney for that matter) who advocate harder for bringing kids and pets together, we’re yet to meet them! The joy an animal... Read More →

Bringing home a new kitten? Follow this advice

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We’re known as a top quality cat vet in Sydney. Dr Alex loves cats and even runs a cat rehoming programme from Fox Valley Animal Hospital. And we advocate for cat rehoming and work with places like the Mini Kitty Commune to help get the job of finding cats and kittens all... Read More →

Dog bones: Is it really worth the risk?

Ask any veterinary practice and they’ll tell you: Dogs and bones do not go well together. Bones (even so called dog bones sold at pet shops) are dangerous for dogs because they can cause several health problems. In 2010 the FDA of USA launched a campaign to warn all pet... Read More →

Shaving your pet for surgery: Yes, it’s necessary

North shore vet hospitals get their fair share of myth-busting to do. But in the “things they never teach you at vet school” file, we have a funny little question (or complaint, depending on the person asking) in “do you have to shave my pet for surgery?” Now some of you may have... Read More →

Visiting the dog groomer is more than looking pretty

Did you know we offer the services of a professional dog groomer at Fox Valley Animal Hospital? And that this service is open to the public, not just our pet patients?  Now is a great time to book your dog in for some time with our professional groomer at the Pooch Parlour. With... Read More →

Paralysis tick time again, is your pet protected?

Vets in Sydney have a common enemy- that of the paralysis tick. Every summer, beloved family pets die from Tick Paralysis despite veterinarians best efforts to save their lives. Tick Paralysis is very distressing for everyone involved. Having nursed countless patients with Tick... Read More →

Veterinary health spotlight: Heatstroke and dogs

In today’s veterinary health spotlight, we’re going to take a look at heatstroke and dogs. There are few things that break the hearts of our staff than preventable animal crisis situations leading to the death of an animal. Unfortunately, heatstroke and dogs is one of... Read More →