Meet Bravecto: the new paralysis tick and flea treatment for dogs

bravectoThis tick season, we’re super excited about the launch of Bravecto. Bravecto is the new paralysis tick and flea treatment for dogs. Bravecto solves a lot of the common issues that make tick prevention difficult. It acts differently to tick prevention you’ve probably used in the past. So we thought we’d take the time to explain Bravecto in detail.

Ticks are something no pet lover likes to see. Unfortunately, the conditions this spring are ideal for tick breeding. Indeed, we’ve already experienced our first case of tick paralysis at the hospital. And we expect with the warmer weather ahead of us we will see many more.

Tick paralysis can strike anyone. Even our own vet nurse Hayley’s  dog had a tick. And the impact of a tick on your family pet cannot be understated.

Being a pet parent means you want the best protection. At Fox Valley Animal Hospital, we’re always watching new products and reviewing their suitability. Our aim is to give your family pet the best possible treatments available.

We’ve eagerly awaited the release of Bravecto not only for our own pets but also for our client’s pets.

So what makes Bravecto stand out from the rest?

Here are the frequently asked questions about Bravecto. We pretty much think this covers everything from dosing to safety. If you require further information, the vet nurses or vets are happy to answer any questions you may have.

What sort of medication is Bravecto? 

Bravecto is a tablet. This makes it ideal for dogs who loves the water and for avoiding contact issues with other pets or children.

How often should I give Bravecto to my dog?

Bravecto should be given to your dog every 3 months at the same interval. It’s designed to be a seasonal dose, not monthly. Simply mark your calendar to remind you when your dog’s Bravecto dose is due.

When is it safe to touch my dog after he’s had Bravecto?

Because Bravecto is a tablet (oral administered product) there is no reason to stop touching your dog. Unlike some spot-ons, Bravecto does not leave a residue on the coat.

When can I bath my dog?

Bathing, swimming or getting wet in the rain will not affect how well Bravecto works. That makes it great for pooches that enjoy swimming during the summer months.

How does Bravecto kill ticks and fleas?

The active ingredient is absorbed into the blood. When a tick or flea feed, they will take in the ingredient called Fluralaner. Fluralaner causes a dysfunction of the nervous system, rending the parasite useless.

Effective control of fleas is within 8 hours. Ticks are controlled after 24 hours.

Can I give Bravecto to my cat?

No. Bravecto is only for use in dogs and is not approved for use in other animals. For your cats, we recommend Revolution for fleas and Frontline spray for ticks.

Is it safe to use in conjunction with other medications?

During clinical testings no interactions were observed with routinely used medicines.

What time of day should I give my dog Bravecto?

To help Bravecto get absorbed better into your dog’s system it’s best to give it at meal times. It is a tasty, highly palatable chew that shouldn’t prove a problem for even the fussiest dogs.

Can I use Bravecto on my puppy?

Bravecto can be used in puppies from 8 weeks of age and weighing at least 2kg. If you’re unsure, please consult one of the friendly vet nurses.

 bravecto tick and flea

How do pet parents benefit from Bravecto?

 Here are some of the ways that Bravecto can make your dog’s flea and tick simpler. 

  • Because it is an easy, tasty chew it means a hassle free time trying to administer. Indeed, many dogs confuse Bravecto for a treat!
  • It’s great if you have kids at home who like to hug your dog as there is no risk of chemicals rubbing off on to them
  • Dosing every 3 months fits well with the change of seasons or gastrointestinal worming cycles
  • Bravecto will kill any existing tick infestations within 24 hours! Spot-ons won’t kill any tick that is latched on.
  • Bravecto contains a new active ingredient from a recently developed class of chemicals. It will kill fleas that have become resistant to certain products that have been around for a while.


So if that’s not enough reason to use Bravecto, here’s a couple more!

Until the end of October, purchase 2 x Bravecto packs and you can claim a $20 cash back offer. Claiming is easy. All you need is a proof of purchase and access to the internet.

And to help you remember when to administer Bravecto you can now download FREE the Bravecto app. It will give you advance notifications to ensure you don’t miss a dose.

Bravecto is available in 5 weight ranges for dogs from 2kg-56kg. Each packet contains a single tasty chew. We have all sizes in stock currently at Fox Valley Animal Hospital.

 If you would like some advice about Bravecto or tick or flea prevention in general, give us a call on (02) 9489 4805. Our friendly vet nurses are happy to answer any questions. 


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