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Cat health tips: Give your cat an end of year health review  

cat health tipsLooking for some great cat health tips? You’ve come to the right place. Cat health doesn’t only come down to the veterinary healthcare professionals. Owners need to play a part in maintaining at home as well.

So, what can you do to improve the health of your feline friend?

Check out these great cat health tips from Wahroonga based veterinary clinic, Fox Valley Animal Hospital

Good time for a vet health check-up

One of the best cat health tips is to make it a regular part of your routine to visit the local vets. All cats and kittens need regular checkups to stay in tip top condition. So why not consider making this part of your review health routine?

Your vet can check:

  • Winter weight gain, holiday over-indulgence and more to see what steps to take to get your cat to a healthy weight range
  • The condition of teeth, eyes and coat to ensure overall health
  • On the ages and stages of your cat’s life to determine the right food and preventative medicines
  • Skin health and general fitness of coat

It’s also a great time to ensure any new kittens are de-sexed to avoid issues related to unwanted pregnancies. It’s also a great time to check senior cats to ensure they are faring well and on the appropriate food, medicine and exercise regimes.

Hot weather brings allergies and skin issues

Skin is an important organ. One of the best cat health tips is to protect the skin health to avoid discomfort, ill-health and more. Cats and kittens can have spring and summer allergies. These include skin contact allergies, ones that influence the health of ears and eyes and more. Luckily, Dr Katie has a passion for skin related issues and is well versed in detecting the treating feline allergies as a result.

If you suspect your cat is showing an allergy, they may need the following treatments:

  • Blood tests and/or skin impressions, smears and/or scrapes to determine the problem
  • Specialised shampoos and bathing oils to help keep the skin healthy and protected
  • Topical treatments and medicines for illnesses or recovery from allergic reactions
  • Standard eye rinses or even eye rinses containing infection fighting antibiotics and steroids that only a vet can prescribe
  • Ear irrigation solutions and/or tips on ear grooming specific to your cat

If you suspect your cat or kitten is having an allergic reaction, please bring them in to see our vets and vet nurses. The skin, eyes and ears that allergies often affect are quite delicate parts of your feline friend’s body. Maintaining their health through allergy treatment and prevention can save you a lot of heartache, time and cost if treated in the early stages.

Consider the impact of predatory behaviour

Wahroonga is a place of wonderful birds, lizards and native wildlife. It’s also why part of your health regime should be to assess the potential impact of your cat on the area.

Killing and injuring wildlife is terrible for the birds and animals that share the space with domestic animals. Unfortunately, cats can be quite devastating to native populations through killing their young and through starvation of young that remain after an encounter.

This is also part of your cat health tips because an injured feline can result. Cats and kittens can sustain injuries, disease and infection from tangling with local wildlife. They may also face life ending injuries through fights with wildlife, coming across snakes or even facing humans in the neighbourhood that take exception to the killing of wildlife by domestic cats.

It is simply not worth the risk!

You can reduce the impact of your cat’s predatory behaviour by:

  • Keeping your cat in at night and when they are likely to hunt
  • Using a bell and other forms of collar equipment to alert their prey
  • Adequately feeding your cat so the desire to hunt is reduced
  • De-sexing your kitten and/or cat to reduce predatory instinct

If your cat has fought with wildlife, please bring them in for a check-up immediately as some wounds may not be visible or immediately apparent. This is especially true of damage to skin that could become infected, snake bites and internal injuries.

Getting ready for the shed

Spring time means warmer weather and that means shedding will occur. With cats, brushing on regular intervals is a great idea. So, every fortnight or so, make time to brush your cat’s fur and remove the dander in the coat and undercoat.

You can also use a bath (or even waterless shampoos) to help keep their coat clean and fresh.

Finish by vacuuming up any loose hair as this is what causes the most issues for humans with hay fever.

Want extra cat health tips on how to make your cat’s grooming process simpler? Call on out vet nurses. They’re happy to show you want kinds of combs, brushes and cleaning techniques are available to you.

Beware the plants

A focus on cat health tips should also include knowing your house and garden. Your garden can be a place of danger for your cat or kitten. That’s why it’s important to make sure your garden is free of plants and blooms that may put your cat’s health at risk.

Some common Australian plants that can cause ill-health, allergic reaction, digestive issues and even death include:

  • Aloe Vera
  • Daffodils
  • Iris
  • Tulips
  • Gladioli
  • Castor bean
  • Oleander
  • Morning Glory
  • Most varieties of lilies including lily of the valley
  • Hyacinth
  • Hydrangea
  • Ferns like plumosa, lace, emerald and asparagus
  • Nightshade
  • Mother in law’s tongue cactus varieties

This is by no means the entire list. But if you believe your cat has eaten any of these plants, please bring them to the vet clinic immediately.

Want more cat health tips?

Don’t forget to pop on in and check out the range of products we stock at Fox Valley Animal Hospital. From food and diet through to grooming, advice and veterinary assistance, we’ve got it all.

Pop in to Fox Valley Animal Hospital at 107 Fox Valley Way Wahroonga today for some more cat health tips! 

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