Your debt to your family pet

A gorgeous photo from 2013- Klaus the miniature dachshund's first visit to fox valley animal hospital - a veterinary clinic in Sydney

A gorgeous photo from 2013- Klaus the miniature dachshund’s first visit to the vet.

Through the nature of our work, as a veterinary clinic in Sydney, we cross paths with pet healthcare professionals from all over Australia on a regular basis.

One of the things we often start chatting about when we do meet is the love we see given to our pet patients. We see the difference with our own Wahroonga vet clinic and what love can do through our cat rehoming program. But there’s more to the story than that.

Family pets give a lot of love and companionship. In return, their family give them food, shelter and love. We often see family pets that have the latest clothes, accessories, cool collars and amazing toys.

But did you know they best way to show you truly adore your family pet is to make sure they are healthy?

Here are the signs of love a veterinary clinic in Sydney like Fox Valley Animal Hospital look for in your family pet.

Regular appointments are booked and kept

No matter the family pet, regular health checks are a must. From ensuring immunisations are up to date through to checking health as your pet’s age advances, a regular health check up is one of the best ways to show you care.

For example, early detection of age complaints, ailments and diseases such as cancer can make an enormous difference to your pet’s quality of life. It can save you a lot of money – or even your pet’s life- by catching problems in the early stages. Catching problems early makes them easier to manage and provides a greater range of treatment options, both through your vet and through your own care at home.

The short story is we all know that humans and pets should get regular yearly exams. It’s important for overall health as well as specific areas such as eyes, teeth and to monitor any existing health issues.

Don’t let the moment where the damage and problems start to affect your family pet’s health be the time you act. By then it may be too late.

Your pet is clean and well groomed

As we explained with our blog on grooming at the Pooch Parlour, dog grooming is less a vanity thing and more an integral part of ensuring your pet’s health. The same is true of your cat, bird, snake, horse, rabbit, fish or any other family pet you can possibly think of.

Most pets are messy, and all of them need help to stay clean. This means taking the time to regular clean tanks, enclosures, bedding and anywhere else your pet regularly hangs out. It means disposing of their faeces and cleaning away urine on a regular basis.

Whether your family pet has fur, fins, feathers or scales, they will also need assistance during malting and shedding cycles. And it means bathing them, cleaning their beak, teeth or mouth, and regularly checking their coat for fleas, ticks, mites and signs of disease or allergy.

And it means making sure your pet also gets a professional assisting with the cleaning on a semi-regular basis, too.

Vet trip first, questions later

A veterinary clinic in Sydney, an animal hospital in Ku-Ring-Gai, and animal healthcare professionals from Wahroonga to Waterfall all agree- you can tell the switched on pet parent by how quickly you get to save a pet’s life in a tricky situation.

We know it can be a little worrying and perhaps a little denial can creep in when you see your pet isn’t very well. We love them and we’d like to hope they aren’t ill. But if your pet looks unwell, chances are they are unwell. Animals usually don’t show changes in behaviour or physical symptoms until things are pretty bad. And can be very sick, even critically so, by the time you notice that they are in real trouble. So always err on the side of caution and remember the mantra “vet trip first, questions later”.

The reality is a paralysis tick, knock by a car, a virus, poisoning, heatstroke and a number of other ailments and injuries can turn life threatening terrifyingly quick. Pets have very small, highly efficient, high speed systems. So toxins, internal bleeding, organ failure and sickness can kill them in a matter of minutes from the time serious symptoms show.

We’d much rather have panicked pet parents busting through the door for a false alarm than have no chance of saving them in your family pet’s last moments.  And we’re pretty sure any decent, loving pet owner feels the same.

Keep your pet trim and slim

Over feeding your pet and feeding them junk food doesn’t show you love your pet. In fact, it’s probably slowly killing them. From parrots that have been fed bacon and coffee through to dog’s eating cake and ice-cream, we’ve seen (and been a little horrified) by it all.

Obesity is very dangerous to animals and dramatically shortens their life span. No ifs, no buts. What you feed your pet will affect their health.

We can help you pick the right foods and set a diet for your family pet. Vet Alex also offers slimming clinics to help your pet get back from fatty to fitty. But you need to keep your end of the bargain up, too.

We stock Royal Canin because out of over 60 types of pet food, Royal Canin is one pet food maker you can trust for scientifically balanced diets and proper nutritional food. In fact, out of the 60 available choices, Royal Canin is only one of three companies you can actually trust the health claims from.

Unfortunately, just like sugar coated cereal companies that claim to give your kids magic energy from tooth rotting fake food, most pet food companies are selling you tooth rotting fake food, too.

A veterinary clinic in Sydney will generally stock food, but they’re not always as proactive about lunchbox theory and healthy treating from the human pantry as we are.

While the supermarket varieties may be cheaper in the trolley, think about the long haul. The wrong diet can ruin your family pet’s skin, teeth, joints through obesity, clog their arteries and really do a number on their digestive system. Treating these ailments and problems is an expensive, long (and often very smelly) process.

Food as medicine saves you money over time and it saves a lot of pet’s lives.  So if you want a healthy, long living pet, show them you love them by feeding them properly. And if you are not sure what the right diet is, remember we are happy to help you.

Your debt to your family pet is their health

Your pet loves you. They know when you’ve had a bad day. They’ll happily entertain you with their silly antics. They’ll guard the house, entertain the kids, give you something to have a giggle at, and share all the affection and friendship you could want.

All you need to do is make sure your family pet is kept clean, gets health checks, looked after when unwell, and gets to eat food that is right for them.

That’s a pretty fair exchange, don’t you think?

Looking for a puppy school, dog groomer and veterinary clinic in Sydney that care as much about your family pet as you do? How about under the one roof?

Fox Valley Animal Hospital can help with all kinds of pet healthcare needs. Call us on (02) 9489 4805 or drop into 107 Fox Valley Road, Wahroonga to discuss.




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