The happiest Dog Daycare in Wahroonga

Dog daycare in Wahroonga - fox valley animal hospital

Fox Valley Animal Hospital runs a daytime dog daycare in Wahroonga. It’s conveniently located at Fox Valley Animal Hospital adjacent to our grooming salon. Unlike other dog sitting services in Sydney, we match each of the dogs in our dog daycare based on their size, breed and needs. And we offer only 2-3 spots a day so that your dog gets the individual attention they deserve.

With our team of veterinary professionals at the helm, you can be assured your family pet is receiving the best quality services in dog daycare in Wahroonga. We know what it takes to make your pooch feel comfortable. The health, comfort and happiness of your visiting dog are our priority.

 Why we’re the different Dog Daycare in Wahroonga

Our staff includes 3 to 4 regular dogs that are well socialised and responsive to new arrivals. All our staff are animal lovers whether they are on two legs or four

Dog daycare teaches your pet that Fox Valley Animal Hospital is a positive place, full of friends and smiles. This helps create a positive association in your dog’s eyes with other elements such as veterinary care and grooming

We’re arguably the cleanest dog daycare in Wahroonga (if not Sydney!). We use only veterinary grade cleaning agents and disinfectants. And all our staff members are trained to clean to vet hospital grade standards. This means your dog is safe to play in a clean, healthy environment

We know dogs. That’s why we offer an enrichment program that is designed to exercise the doggy body and stimulate the canine mind. Your dog will return home relaxed, stimulated, and happy and exercised every time they visit

Fox Valley Animal Hospital is your one-stop shop for dog care in Wahroonga and surrounds. We offer the dog daycare, veterinary services, have a dog grooming salon and stock a wide variety of toys, foods and pet care items

As we’re trained pet healthcare professionals, you can also take advantage of add-on services such as ear checks, nail clipping and weight assessments for a small fee

Want to know more?

Here’s what the pet parents of one of the regulars Buddy, has to say:

Our dog Buddy is a very active boy and loves the socialising of dog daycare at Fox Valley Animal Hospital. The ease of being able to drop him off on the way to work is great. Knowing that he will be well looked after by all the staff, have a great time and be exhausted and happy when he gets home is very important and comforting to us. The wonderful staff know him well and he loves them all. I recommend this dog sitting service for all dog owners that want a little more fun and change in routine for their fur friends. I have already told many friends and family about it.

Lisa and Brett

What you need to know about our Dog Daycare in Wahroonga

For the safety and health of your pets and for the other visitors to Fox Valley Animal Hospital, your dog needs to be:

Fully vaccinated

We will ask to see your vaccination certificate if they are not an existing pet patient of Fox Valley vets


Only neutered dogs are accepted. This is a legal requirement of all dog daycares in Sydney

Socialised well

Please let us know about your dog’s temperament at time of booking so we can match them with a playtime partner to suit

Booked ahead of time

As we match your dogs for maximum play time fun and only allow 2 dogs per day, bookings are essential

Drop off for all dog daycare attendees is between 8am and 9am during normal business hours.

Pickups are welcome between 5pm and 6pm unless otherwise arranged. We do not offer overnight care.

All dogs are kept in a well-fenced, shaded outdoor area with clean water and access to toys and games. They are also attended to by an animal care professional at all times.

That little extra service

You can also take advantage of our full service*. Imagine dropping your dog off for an exam at our north shore vet clinic and picking them up in the afternoon with their routine health checks complete, their fur washed and groomed and their exercise all taken care of. Talk about saving time on the pet parent chores!

* NOTE: To take advantage of our full service option, you will need to book several weeks in advance to ensure we have appropriate space within our Wahroonga vet clinic and Pooch Parlour appointments. This service is only available for dogs receiving regular maintenance such as yearly appointments and cannot be offered to pets suffering from illness, injury or disease.

Looking for a dog daycare in Wahroonga?

Call us now on (02) 9489 4805 and book your best friend in for a playtime they’ll remember today.