Want professional dog grooming for your family dog?


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Vanessa has over 20 years experience and has an exceptional skill set.
She loves her job, loves dogs of all shapes and sizes , even the biggest and the
hairiest and prides herself on being a very gentle “dog whisperer” with nervous or anxious pets.


Vanessa is accompanied to work every day by Marsha, her exceptionally well
coiffed Miniture Schnauzer and is looking forward to meeting you and your pets.

The Grooming Parlour offers a full range of the highest quality grooming services.
Your dogs will be free to roam in our fun and super secure, double gated
outdoor grooming area. 

Not only do they get an awesome groom, they have a fun day out as well!




The Pooch Parlour offers the following dog grooming services:

The Deluxe Wash

Using only the finest eco-friendly, low phosphate and easily biodegradable shampoo, the Pooch Parlour Deluxe Wash is designed to minimise harm to your pet and the planet. The Deluxe Wash is gentle on the skin and includes a gentle doggy massage. The Deluxe Wash includes a natural conditioner that restores your dog’s natural hair oils for a shiny, naturally healthy coat. The Deluxe Wash is ideal for dogs and puppies of all coat types.

The Sensitive Skin Wash

Especially designed to help dogs with pre-existing skin allergies and soap sensitivities, the Sensitive Skin Wash is ideal for dogs and puppies with delicate skin. Dog washes with The Sensitive Skin Wash are conducted with a special hypo-allergenic shampoo that gently soothes irritated skin while removing dead skin cells. The shampoo is scent-free and is accompanied with a matching conditioner that helps protect and nurture your dog’s skin. The Sensitive Skin Wash helps even the most sensitive of puppies and dogs look and feel great with every wash.

The Medicated Wash

If your pet grooming experiences are filled with an ongoing battle with dirty, greasy coats and skin infections, the Medicated Wash is for you. Using only the best medicated wash in Malaseb, the Medicated Wash helps restore the Ph balance of your dog’s coat while protecting against fungal and bacterial infections in the skin. The Medicated wash is gentle to even the most difficult of coat issues and includes a scrub, ten minute soak and full body rinse. A matching conditioner is added to help keep the coat and skin protected in between visits. The Medicated Wash is a must for dog’s with pre-existing problems with skin infections and matted fur.

Puppy Wash

Have your puppy start their bathing journey on the right paw with  a special Puppy Wash. In order to make the bathing process fun, we mix a special gentle puppy wash formula shampoo and conditioner with toy, reward and play time puppy bathing. Working with your puppy to enjoy their experience with the water through doggy massage and fun makes for an easier adult dog washing experience later on. The Puppy Wash is ideal for puppies that need a little coaxing and extra reassurance with their bathing experiences.

De-shedding and high maintenance hair-dos


Say no to dog fur trim on your furniture and floors and yes to proper de-shedding and coat care for your dog. Detangling, undercoat removal and general maintenance of your dog’s coat is all part and parcel of looking after your pet.

Why should you de-shed and groom your dog on a regular basis?

Heavy coated dog breeds such as Labradors, Collies, Shepherds and Retrievers need regular coat de-shedding. The health of their coat, skin and their ability to handle hotter weather depend on the removal of excess fur found in the undercoat. Plus it makes keeping your family dog flea and tick free by making their activity easier to spot. Excess hair in the home can also be a source of trapped dust mites and allergens that trigger asthma, hay fever and allergies in people. De-shedding not only looks great (and cuts down your vacuuming at home!) it helps promote a healthy, shiny and attractive coat. And it feels great for your dog, too!

Is your dog nervous about bathing?

Our dog groomers are chosen for their wealth of experience with making the bathing, clipping and brushing process a positive one. Using a mix of treats, praise and very relaxing and soothing massage techniques, our groomers are trained to work with your dog to enjoy grooming. From first time puppies to wary older dogs, our dog groomer can introduce your dog to a fun new experience in pet grooming.

Put a wag in the tail and the smile on the face of your dog today with professional pet grooming by the Pooch Parlour.