Your guide to Christmas gifts for pets

Vet nurse Hayley takes you through a selection of Christmas gifts for pets featuring the Fox Valley Animal Hospital team!


It’s that exciting time of year again when we enjoy buying stocking fillers for our beloved pets. Dr Alex and the team spend a lot of time researching and trialling toys and treats on their own fur-babies. This means we can offer products we use ourselves and truly believe in. The nurses at Fox Valley Animal Hospital have shared their all-time favourites along with the help of their four-legged friends.

Here’s your guide to Christmas gifts for pets


All pooches love toys that contain goodies. It’s important to only invest in good quality veterinary-endorsed brands that will not perish during play. Holly (the beautiful black Labrador owned by nurse Jess) loves nothing better than filling her belly full of treats.


Jess is a big fan of the ‘Kong’ and ‘treat balls’ and Holly even more so.


“You can stuff all kinds of goodies inside such as biscuits, mince, peanut butter and treats” says Jess.


Holly will then spend hours sniffing, rolling, nudging and throwing her toy about to get something nice to eat. This is a great gift for mental stimulation and environmental enrichment. It’s also an active way to give treats to pets and make it fun.



This has got to be Heather’s (Dr Alex’s Golden Labrador) all time favourite toy – the giant tennis ball or skittle.


Dr Alex discovered theses many years back when Heather had a reputation for destroying every ball given to her within minutes. Now we have given Heather a challenge with this one!


She loves nothing more than to jump into the pool after her giant tennis ball or run loops around the hospital with a skittle. The best thing is she hasn’t managed to rip one apart yet.


Joy for everyone and peace of mind knowing we won’t be doing surgery to remove parts of the toy from her digestive system on Christmas Day.



Chantelle’s little pooch Tess is more of a quiet, gentle soul who loves her creature comforts. She can often be seen sporting one of our latest handmade fashion collars or eating her food from one of our beautiful designer bowls. Tess is all about class as well as comfort.


Every year Chantelle fills her doggie stocking with some custom-made ‘Doggie Jammas’ for the colder months. Tess can regularly be seen setting the standards in fashion around Fox Valley Animal Hospital.

We just adore the hot pink and purple – it really brings out her eye colour!!



My puppy Toby is the newest addition from the RSPCA to join our family. We have discovered he just loves a game of ‘hide and treat’.


At Fox Valley Animal Hospital, we always try and source animal- and environmentally-friendly products. Toby will be getting a stocking full of Whimzees veggie pigs ears and tasty Whimzees veggie hogs.


The vet nurses and Dr Alex go to great lengths to stock quality treats low in fat and made entire from vegetable proteins. This means no animals have been harmed or killed, which makes me very happy!


Looks like I will need to step up my game and find http://www.mindanews.com/buy-paxil/ some new hiding places as he has a whole stocking worth to get through!



You can’t go wrong with a packet or two of Greenies to pop in your cat’s stocking. Not only will your cat love you each time he hears the packet rustle but you will also be providing good dental care to help look after those pearly whites. Greenies are designed to help keep teeth clean and reduce the build up of tartar, as well as tasting great.


Nurse Louise can’t get enough of them for her kitty household, she even said her cats will try and sneak a few when she’s not looking! Fox Valley Animal Hospital’s waiting and consult rooms always have an open packet on hand to make our feline friends feel that little bit special when they visit.




Just like our pampered pooches we have beautiful ceramic bowls and handmade collars for the more upmarket cat, with designs to suit even the fussiest of felines. We also cater for cats that might feel the cold in winter and need some extra layers.


Chantelle’s 3 legged cat Wonks loves her ‘Kitty Jammas’ on chilly winter nights. The super-soft fleece material is cosy and comfortable. It’s also very easy to wash and dries in a few hours.




All our staff’s pets are kept warm over winter, it’s not so much a fashion statement as a comfort issue.


Our pets DO feel the cold, especially seniors. So pop a jacket in their stocking ready for the winter months ahead.



One group close to my heart are the pocket pets. I just adore rabbits and guinea pigs and over the years have owned many, but none as special as ‘George’.

Through the powers of divine intervention I adopted the best rabbit ever. During his years with me I discovered there really weren’t many toys on the market for rabbits or guinea pigs so I had to get a bit creative.


These are a few of my favourite pocket pet stocking fillers:

  • Paper towel rolls stuffed with hay
  • Large or small paper bags to play in
  • An old set of keys to chuck around
  • Ping pong balls
  • Boxes of all shapes and sizes (try making mazes for your bunny to explore!)
  • Hanging parrot toys
  • Old towels to bunch up or sleep on
  • Apple tree branches to nibble on

It’s so important for rabbits or guinea pigs to have a fun, stimulating environment as they are very social animals. I think you will really like some of these easy-to-make presents for the super special smaller members of your family.


So there you have our favourite gifts and treats that we stock for the festive season. It’s such an exciting time of year with family, friends and of course our pets. We hope you have as much fun shopping for your pets as we do for ours. We want to ensure they have safe, quality products that we believe in and treats that are not only healthy but humane.


Pop in and see our lovely vet nurses who can help you fill Fido’s stocking or measure up Fluffy for a new collar.






About the Author
Owner and Vet Alex Brittan, Vet Katie Syms and the team of Fox Valley Animal Hospital pride themselves on quality service. Fox Valley Animal Hospital is the one you choose for your family pet when the care your animal receives really matters.