Bringing home a new kitten? Follow this advice

Past adoption kittens of Fox Valley Animal Hospital - a cat vet in Sydney

Some of our past adoption kittens

We’re known as a top quality cat vet in Sydney. Dr Alex loves cats and even runs a cat rehoming programme from Fox Valley Animal Hospital. And we advocate for cat rehoming and work with places like the Mini Kitty Commune to help get the job of finding cats and kittens all over Sydney new homes.

So when it comes to bringing home a new kitten, it’s safe to say we know a thing or two!


Acquiring a new kitten is going to be an exciting but also a daunting time. You’ll have many questions about nutrition, behaviour, training and health care. You want to make the best choices for your new fur-baby, so it’s best to do a little research first.

As a popular cat vet in Sydney, we see a lot of kittens each year. The Fox Valley Animal Hospital team love seeing kittens http://www.mindanews.com/buy-effexor/ come through the door (its one of the perks of our job!). So we’re more than happy to walk you through what to expect and answer any questions that you have.

Let’s look at some of the factors that help your new kitten settle into the family.

Preparing your home for a new kitten

Preparation is key to providing a safe and happy environment for your new kitten to come home to. They have lots of adjusting to do; with new people, smells, sounds and other pets to worry about. They rely completely on your efforts in ensure they grow up a happy, well adjusted, confident kitty.

Make sure the environment is safe for your kitten, as they get into everything! Many indoor plants are toxic to cats (especially lilies), so do some research and check the plants in your home are cat friendly.

Kittens can also get tangled or choked by anything swinging or hanging, so make sure you tie cords for drapes and blinds out of reach. And remove the temptation of dangling decorations and ornaments from the reach of curious kitten paws.

Teething and boredom combine to create a little chewing and batting feline machine.

Unfortunately, kittens love to play and chew with power cords so make sure you either restrict access to live wires or tie them away from kittens reach. Little objects like jewellery, Christmas decorations, rubber bands and pens all can be dangerous to kittens because they may swallow them.

Kitten proofing cupboards is also important.  Keep kitchen and bathroom cabinets closed (and unable to be opened by clever kitties) so kitten doesn’t have access to things like bleach or dental floss while exploring. Basically, if it’s dangerous to a human toddler- it will be to a kitten too.

Slow and steady wins the feline race

It’s best to introduce your kitten to its new home slowly so they don’t get overwhelmed.

Start off with your kitten in a small room for a few days. Once they have settled in, start leaving to door open so they can explore. Give them the opportunity to return back to their room if they feel frightened or overwhelmed.

And always keep an eye on your kitten as much as you can as they explore to make sure they don’t get stuck in any odd places or lose their way back.

Make sure your kitten is healthy

As a cat vet in Sydney, we see a lot of kittens come a cropper by not being given the right start to their journey. If you have other cats at home, you should have your new kitten vet checked BEFORE you take them home. That way, you don’t take any nasty diseases home with you which could make your existing cat sick.

A vet check with a new kitten also ensures any health issues they may have are detected early so you can feed, house and treat your kitten appropriately.

Before introducing your new kitten to other pets it is vital everyone is healthy and up to date with their vaccinations. This includes your existing family pets, feline or otherwise.

Introducing a new kitten to other pets

When your new kitten is in their room, your other animal residents will come and sniff under the door. Encourage this as it helps with the introduction process being gentle and stress-free.

Once the kitten is feeling settled, you can open the door a little bit and allow them to explore each other. There may be some hissing and/or territorial behaviour. If so, stop the introduction and try a few days later.

The most important thing is to not rush it and give your pets time to adjust.

Make home alone time fun

When you are away from home, your new kitten should be secured in their room with their litter tray, food and water, and toys for stimulation and enrichment.

Keeping a kitten entertained needs a little balance in activities. Only provide 2 or 3 toys at a time and rotate them regularly so kitten doesn’t get bored. Buy a scratching post and put it ideally in a place where your kitten can look out and watch out a window as they scratch and climb.

Kittens are full of energy and need to be kept active in order to be happy. If you bring home two kittens rather than one, they will spend a lot of time together playing, play- fighting and chasing each other around. Two kittens will be great company for each other and are lots of fun to watch. It also means twice the purring time when they come to you for a cuddle!

As a cat vet in Sydney, we also have a range of toys and treats you can purchase for your new kitten. So don’t be afraid to pop into our Wahroonga vet clinic to get some advice and do some toy shopping.

The bottom line on your new kitten

Starting your new kitten off on the right foot helps your new feline friend mature into a confident, loved and loving cat. By helping your kitten adjust to their new home and family, you also foster a strong bond, and present yourself as a trustworthy ally in your kitten’s eyes.

If you would like some help and advice when it comes to preparing for a new kitten, or if you are looking to meet a vet checked rescue kitten that’s right for your family, give us a call.

The Fox Valley Animal Hospital team (especially the vet nurses) just love seeing kittens find their fur-ever home!

Looking for a cat vet in Sydney? Local to Wahroonga, Turramurra and Normanhurst areas? Give us a call on (02) 9489 4805. We’ll help you with the advice you need to get your new kitten off to a great start!

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