How choosing the right vet clinic saves you time

normanhurst vet clinic

A happy vet nurse with a happy pet patient.

Location shouldn’t always be the only thing you consider when you’re picking a vet clinic. Take Fox Valley vets for example. We’re not a Normanhurst vet clinic, but we do attract patients from Normanhurst. It’s what we offer as a pet healthcare provider that makes us special.

Picking the right vet clinic can be difficult. Proper pet healthcare can be a little confusing at times. Ads for pet food and other items make all kinds of claims. And our pet’s often can’t tell us when they feel sick or sore. It all seems like a lot of time spend trying to figure your way out of a rather large maze.

Time in pet healthcare is sometimes interpreted as the time spent driving from your house to the vet clinic. Often, pet parents pick where we end up based on geography. We’ll travel to Normanhurst for a dry cleaner who saves time doing the job or to the city for the right pizza, so why not apply the same thought to choosing your animal hospital?

There are a few reasons why you should cross the border from Normanhurst (and beyond) to choose Fox Valley Animal Hospital.  

A lot of it comes down to saving time through getting your pet’s healthcare right. And ensuring they get the best treatment first time, every time.

Here’s some of the ways we think choosing our vet clinic saves you time in the long run.

Every member of our vet clinic is properly trained

Each of Vet Alex Brittan’s hand selected vets, vet nurses, support staff and dog groomers goes through rigorous vetting and training. We choose a team that is knowledgeable and works well together so your pet benefits.

Beyond the usual pet healthcare and certification, every member of Fox Valley Animal Hospital staff is:

  • Completely briefed on every product we stock, sell and advocate
  • Well versed in spotting the early signs of common pet problems
  • Trained to spot signs of contact allergies and skin disease by our own skin specialist vet, Dr Katie
  • On the lookout for weight issues and the early signs of preventative illness
  • Able to answer your questions in an informative and friendly manner on the phone or in person

Our vet clinic saves you time by making sure our staff are informed, and educated beyond what we learn in our professional studies.  We make your pet’s welfare and health the focus of every visit, saving you time now and in the future.

We’re more than a vet clinic

Dr Alex looked for a vet clinic building that would allow him to grow an independent small business specialising in pet healthcare. With a focus on prevention, Dr Alex knew he needed to go above and beyond the call of animal medicine. His big vision was to offer services that provided quality healthcare for your pet.

Today, this is why Fox Valley Animal Hospital offers many supporting services to make your journey as a pet owner as positive as possible.

These services include:

  • A state of the art vet clinic that includes its own blood machines to save you anxious waiting times on important test results
  • An on-site dog grooming parlour that usesonly the best medicated washes and grooming treatments to keep your dog’s skin healthy
  • Offering a pets slimmer’s clinic to help educate you and your pet on healthy eating habits and proper nutrition.
  • Stocking a full range of nutritious pet foods, environmental enrichment and exercise toys, preventative treatments for fleas and ticks
  • Providing doggy day-care services to help socialise and entertain your dog while you’re at work
  • Helping re-home cats and kittens by finding them loving homes to go to via our cat re-homing program

Dr Alex has created a vet clinic servicing Normanhurst and surrounding areas that allows you to save time with a one stop pet healthcare destination. And a place your family pet to feel welcome between medical visits.

From Normanhurst to Hornsby, we have a finger on the local pulse

Animal welfare is the Fox Valley Animal Hospital main aim. That’s why we highlight exercise places and pet friendly businesses in the local area. We work with local high schools via education programs to encourage the next generation of animal health and petcare professionals. And we’re great mates with WIRES through our work with preserving wildlife the Ku-ring-gai area.

We’re a viable choice for anyone looking for a Normanhurst vet clinic or Wahroonga animal hospital.

Happy, healthy animals matter to us. It’s why we’re one of the few local vet clinics brave enough to protest against touring circuses. It’s why we speak out against greyhound racing and work with local animal rescue operations.

Dr Alex takes the time to ensure the overall animal welfare of the local area is preserved. He wants his customers to make informed decisions about animal welfare and have a place to come for sound advice. No matter the animal welfare or pet healthcare question, we’re here.

Plus, Dr Alex has chosen to have his family here. So he wants the community values and care for animals and family pets to be something his son experiences in the future.

We work with you to meet your needs

Time spent worrying how you are going to get a sick or injured pet to a vet clinic is time some pets don’t have. We recognise that sometimes pet transportation is difficult. That’s why we have two Ambulances to help your pet to and from the clinic in an emergency. That way, we don’t have to be a Normanhurst vet clinic to give the people of Normanhurst top quality pet care. We save you time and anxiety by not having to worry about the logistics and let you focus on your pet’s wellbeing. We can also transfer your pet to any specialist centre within the Ryde and Kuring-gai areas.

Fox Valley Animal Hospital also offer compassionate treatment options. We mix in everything from animal psychology through to acupuncture to ensure your pet is taken care of. And if we don’t offer the service directly, we have made sure our referral network of professionals is active.

We save you time in research and finding the right animal healthcare professional by making sure we treat more than the medical with respect.

And we provide discounts, offers and pass the savings from our suppliers and partners onto you. We work with our providers to get you the best possible deals on the things you need to keep your pet happy and healthy.

Save time at the vets. Choose the place that offers the most

Fox Valley Animal Hospital will never be the guys owned by the drug companies or watching the bottom line for share market profits. We want to make your pet’s healthcare journey a positive one. We want to make it as easy as possible to maintain your pet’s health between visits. So we offer whatever we can to give your family pet quality healthcare. C

We give you access to nutrition advice, dog grooming, doggy day-care, cat re-homing, toys and environmental enrichment devices, flea and tick prevention, ambulances, specialist trained staff and more. All because we want you to be as passionate and involved in your pet’s health as we are.

The easier Fox Valley Animal Hospital makes it for you to feed, exercise and care for your family pet, the more happy years you can enjoy with them. So consider us when you’re in the market for a Normanhurst vet clinic, Wahroonga animal hospital or whatever else you’d like to call us animal loving professionals!

That’s why we encourage your phone calls on (02) 9489 4805 for pieces of advice. And offer advice on Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus and our blog to keep you informed.

About the Author
Owner and Vet Alex Brittan, Vet Katie Syms and the team of Fox Valley Animal Hospital pride themselves on quality service. Fox Valley Animal Hospital is the one you choose for your family pet when the care your animal receives really matters.