Acing a puppy’s transformation to happy family dog

Fox Valley Animal Hospital is one of the few north shore vet clinics that offers a comprehensive approach to helping a new puppy put the right paw forward.

When you bring your puppy to us, we not only vaccinate your puppy, check their health and provide important care information. . We also offer a range of services to help you grow your cute puppy into a happy, healthy dog.

Here are 4 tips (and services we provide) to help you give your new puppy the best start in life

That all-important first visit to north shore vet clinics

Photo by Matthew Szwedowski

Photo by Matthew Szwedowski

Our vet nurse Hayley has talked about the lengths the Fox Valley vet clinic team go to, to make your dog’s visits as stress-free and fun as possible.  At our north shore vet clinic, making the first visit of any puppy enjoyable is a priority.

We all know that puppies and dogs can develop phobias from poor experiences. Vet clinics are places puppies and dogs need to go their whole life on a regular basis. So how we treat your puppy at this vital stage is of the utmost importance.

When your puppy comes in for their first visit, they’ll be lavished with cuddles and praise by the vet nurses. They’ll also meet the dogs of our vets and vet nurses who acts as a canine ally during your puppy’s visit.

And Dr Katie and Dr Alex make it their business to be liberal with the treats as well as the kindness in their treatment of your dog.

Having a happy feeling when you go to see a vet when you’re a puppy helps you trust in the people who give you healthcare. This is extremely important.

When your pet is unwell or injured, they’re already scared and tense. It’s far nicer for them to find themselves in the care of vets and vet nurses they like and trust.

This is why Fox Valley Animal hospital offers things like puppy school. Very few north shore vet clinics much their operations a place for doggy friends and canine fun like we do.

Making puppy obedience a priority

Puppies are lucky they are so cute because sometimes they can be unbelievably naughty!

As much as we think our dogs and puppies get us, they are canine and they aren’t fluent in English. Most humans aren’t anywhere close to understanding Barklish, so we’re not that much help in bridging the language gap!

That’s what makes early training so important. Establishing boundaries, repeating lessons and reaffirming the good behaviours over the bad is vital.

This is where puppy school excels.

When you chose our puppy school, you receive information from seasoned animal healthcare professionals. We spend our working life communicating with puppies and dogs. So we definitely know a thing or two about training.

At Fox Valley Animal Hospital, we teach you everything that you need to know about what it takes to successfully raise a puppy into a lovely dog.

This includes (and isn’t limited to):

  • Understanding your puppy’s developmental stages. That way you can be forewarned (and forearmed) against teething, hormonal moments and growth spurts
  • Responding to your puppy’s natural desire to test boundaries. And tips to establish who is top dog in your family pack in a positive manner
  • Knowing how to spot healthy pet foods that are designed especially for growing pups
  •  Basic training and exciting your puppy’s interest in learning more from you
  • Myth busting about everything from puppy toilet training to crating
  • Getting you through those times when you wonder what on earth possessed you to get a dog

The key to dog obedience is building trust. This trust needs to be freely given, not demanded or terrified out of your puppy. Your dog wants to join your pack. They’d love to have you as their new top dog. And they want to know you have their back as much as they will have yours.

Our approach to your puppy training helps ace that emotional connection.

Developing the X-factor in your dog’s eyes

Think about all the things your puppy or dog relies on you for through the course of a week. You supply their food and water. It’s you who gives them exercise, stimulation and a sense of purpose. And you’re their source of affection and support.

You make sure they stay out of harm’s way by helping them learn desirable behaviours when dealing with people or other dogs.

And their health is entirely in your hands.

Relying on someone like that takes an awful lot of trust. That’s why consistency makes a world of difference to your puppy.

Regular feeding times and walks, counting on you to come home and say hi, and spending quality time together matters. All these things can determine your dog’s ability to be trained. And it can impact their mental health and attitude.

You don’t have to spend time in a north shore vet clinic to know that a puppy thrives on consistency.

Some of the ways you can build that X-factor with your puppy and offer consistency are:

  • Having a set routine in the mornings and evenings that your puppy not only understands, they look forward to
  • Making their exercise times as routine and stable as possible
  • Spending quality time with your puppy or dog. This includes choosing activities on weekends and daily life that give them the opportunity to be included
  • Scheduling their flea and tick prevention in your diary. And making sure you keep the vet visits regular
  • Giving praise where praise is due

Dogs are wonderful animals. They take what you give them and they amplify it. So if you spend time making your puppy feel safe, secure and part of the family, there’s no telling how much love you’ll receive in return.

That’s why north shore vets clinics like Fox Valley Animal Hospital help you establish a routine during puppy school and give you tips to make it effective at home. It’s also why our vet nurses are always available for a quick chat if you need extra advice. And why we make it our north shore vet clinics business to remind you of appointments at the clinic itself.

Dog socialisation for the win

Having a happy puppy that associates our north shore vet clinic with positive experiences makes looking after them so much easier. It’s also making sure you as an owner are encouraged to bring your puppy back for regular treatment.

Once your puppy is vaccinated and toilet trained, your puppy should be able to attend doggy daycare, the kennels, public off-leash parks and a variety of other puppy-friendly activities.

The benefit of choosing us for doggy daytime playtime is all our staff are trained in animal medicine and pet behaviour. So we can spot any issues in your dog, whether they’re not feeling great or there’s the first inkling of a socialisation issue brewing, we have it covered.

Socialising your dog is extremely important. Proper socialisation of your puppy at an early age helps them understand and cope with all kinds of important things. It helps instill good dog manners when with other pets. It helps them feel confident and relaxed in new environments and around people. They can also learn doggy etiquette in a safe, controlled environment.

Plus it keeps your dog happy. You don’t have to ask north shore vet clinics their opinion to know a happy puppy is one that grows up to be a well adjusted dog.

Our canine friends love a good rumble and enjoy dog companionship. Enrichment and mental stimulation make a dog’s day worthwhile.

Puppies and dogs that don’t get out and don’t get exposure to other dogs can lose their identity. Dogs can develop issues like boredom, social anxiety and depression. They come in-built with the desire to discover new territories.  Simple greetings from dogs and humans on the street could become a cause for great alarm. Their frustration and boredom can become destructive and anti-social behaviours may arise. And their overall mental wellness and happiness could suffer through feeling lonely and isolated.

Humans are an absolute blast to a dog. They love hanging around us, which is why they chose to be socialised in the first place (it was either that or the sofas; we’re not 100% sure!). But the fact still remains your puppy was born a canine and has specific canine friendship needs.

So why not try it out different ways to socialise your puppy? It could make a world of difference to their development and manners.

Not all north shore vet clinics have a proven puppy raising track record

Yes, we’re pretty pleased with our abilities with creating great family dogs. We’re one of the only north shore vet clinics that throws this much energy into ensuring young dogs get the best start.

That’s because many of our staff have the proof sitting at reception to greet you on any given day. The vet nurses regularly bring their dogs to help out with vet hospital day-to-day and with puppy school.

Beyond that, decades of training and on the job experience make us a popular choice when it comes to raising a great puppy. It’s not only because of the medical training or the understanding of dog behaviour. It’s because we care.

Bring a puppy into our vet clinic and you’ll see vet nurses melt like butter. You’ll see vets get puppy clucky. And you’ll soon realise that your puppy will puff its chest out wide as it notices just how important he or she is to us.

Want to experience north shore vet clinics that gets 5 wags out of 5 from all our puppy patients? Call Fox Valley Animal Hospital now on (20) 9489 4805.

We’ve got puppy healthcare, puppy school and a doggy day care that’ll make your canine friend be pulling at the lead to enter the door.

About the Author
Owner and Vet Alex Brittan, Vet Katie Syms and the team of Fox Valley Animal Hospital pride themselves on quality service. Fox Valley Animal Hospital is the one you choose for your family pet when the care your animal receives really matters.