What our north shore vets & vet nurses all have in common

We’re all a little bit different from each other at Fox Valley Animal Hospital. But there’s something all our north shore vets and vet nurses have in common around these parts. That is our absolute adoration of animals.

I recently overheard a conversation between a client and one of Fox Valley Animal Hospital’s vet nurses. The client had recently lost her beloved Labrador Retriever to cancer. A wonderful dog we had also known and loved over the past 10 years as a patient in our care.  Our vet nurse was listening to the owner talk about the special bond she’d shared with her pet, reminiscing about the cheeky things he’d done. Even recalling a time when he’d helped himself to the contents of her bin.

The owner went on to say “the thing I miss the most is sleeping next to him every night. He used to snore and fidget and take up all the bed. I miss all of that.”

It dawned on me that to a non-animal lover what this owner said may sound so foreign. Sharing the bed with her pet dog indeed! However to the vet nurse’s listening ear and to me and the north shore vets listening on by the tea room, such an experience is part of the natural bond between human and family pet.

This great love for the family pet is something we as veterinary nurses and doctors share with our clients. It’s a huge part of us. And it’s why we choose a path in life that involves helping and working with animals on a daily basis.Dr Katie with her dog Rosie

Here are some of the great love stories between our north shore vets and their family pets

Dr Katie’s cat Mr Pickles

Dr Katie owns Mr Pickles.  She adopted Mr Pickles 4 years ago.

The heartfelt bond they share is so evident when Katie tells me about the naughty things he gets up to at home. Katie lives out in Dural and is the owner of Puss n Boots cattery.

One of Katie’s favourite stories is the time Mr Pickles had been busted causing a bit of bother and trespassing! Mr Pickles had developed a taste for the local Dural social life. He’d been caught red-handed parading in front of the local country club’s CCTV camera, setting off the security alarm in the process.. Unfortunately, the club wasn’t taking applicants of the four-pawed kind at the time, so Mr Pickles was sent home with a caution.

The unconditional love Dr Katie feels for Mr Pickles is obvious. The connection and friendship between Katie and her rescue pet means as a veterinarian, Katie has great empathy for the complex and extraordinary relationship owners share with the patients we treat.

Heather and Dr Alex’s relationship

Heather and Dr Alex have been together since the day he became the owner of Fox Valley Animal Hospital and started classing himself as part of the north shore vets team. You could say Heather was the first hire.Dr Alex Brittan and Heather

Heather has been Alex’s loyal friend and work colleague for more than a decade and a half. She sits in on consults day after day. Heather is a nurse to the sick pets we treat. Her extraordinary sensitivity towards animals patients sees Heather sit by their beds and run to the sound of a whimper, just like a matron in a hospital ward.

With first consults and nervous animals, Heather is there to help. She helps ease a puppy’s first visit for vaccinations with her calming nature. And she is a friendly face many of the Fox Valley Animal Hospital pet patients recognise and remember.

To be able to work alongside your furry companion is something most animal lovers dream of. Heather is not only therapy for our sick patients. She is Alex’s therapy when we’ve had a particular hard day.  You’ll  catch her up on Alex’s lap, both of them oblivious to their surroundings, enjoying that moment and connection between owner and pet.

Dr Alex knows the healing, quiet support given by a pet through the biggest wins to the toughest of moments. And it’s something he deeply respects in the animal and human patient bond he sees at Fox Valley Animal Hospital.

Please share with us your special bond that you have with your pet. What is it that makes them different to the rest? Is it the unconditional love they show you or the way they understand your needs. Is it that naughty but cheeky habit they have? We would love to hear the stories and photos of your pet.

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About the Author
My name is Hayley and I'm a senior vet nurse at Fox Valley Animal Hospital. I studied, qualified and started working as a Veterinary nurse in the UK over 15 years ago. I worked in a small but very busy practice about 30 minutes outside London in a place called Gravesend. I decided to travel and left old Blighty for the sunny shores of Australia. I worked for Dr Alex Brittan at Fox Valley Animal Hospital during my stay in Oz. I fell in love with the country, the people and the weather so decided to call Australia home. Since then I have Married, had babies, and own Toby a kelpie cross! and I'm still here. I love my job as a vet nurse. I enjoy the challenge of difficult cases, I love and share in the joy of being able to help peoples pets and the reward is priceless. I wouldn't change my profession for the world.