Time for a trip to the cat or dog dentist for a dental exam

Photo source: Paws Atlanta Avoiding the dog dentist by having a dental exam is important

Photo source: Paws Atlanta

A trip to the cat or dog dentist (aka your local vet!) doesn’t have to be all about extraction and problems.

Looking after your pet’s choppers is an essential part of keeping your family pet happy and healthy.

Like you and I, dogs and cats are prone to dental issues. Gum disease, tooth decay, plaque and general usage can all pose painful problems on a mouth health level.

Your family pet uses their mouths much more than we do, too. Teeth not only act as a place for food or expressing your pet’s needs. They also help your pet carry things, play, socialise with other pets, and even exercise.


So it is important that your vet inspects your dog and/or cat’s mouth every 6 months.

Here’s why you need to make a trip to the cat or dog dentist a part of your pet’s standard dental routine.

A trip to the cat or dog dentist for a dental exam is the best way to ward off any issues. After all, pets can’t tell us when something is wrong! A check up with your vet can spot, prevent and treat oral health problems before they get worse. And save you money and your pet unnecessary pain in the process.

Pet dental exams don’t just ensure teeth health. An oral exam can spot and save your pet from a myriad of other health issues in the early stages. Good tooth and gum health in an animal is vital. Ensuring their eating habits remain consistent means maintaining good nutrition. That all important deep sleep pets need to stay happy and active can be disrupted by the headaches related to toothache or jaw pain. And complications such as abscesses, infections in the gum line and a lowered immune system can drastically reduce your pet’s overall health.

Poor dental hygiene can really take a bite out of your family pet’s enjoyment of life and leave them feeling pretty miserable. And we certainly don’t want that.


September is Pet Dental Health Month. So we’re offering FREE pet dental exams for your family pet!


At Fox Valley Animal Hospital, we want all our patients to have a happy mouth. So until the end of October, we are offering a free oral exam.

Our vet nurses and vets will be donning their cat and dog dentist hats to help you help your pet stay dentally healthy.

These pet dental exams consist of checking your pet’s mouth, gum line and teeth for any signs of ill-health. And they include the results of the exam, with an identification of any specific dental health issues your pet may have.

If your pet’s in need of some work, the next step would be a dental health plan tailored to your pet. And as part of Pet Dental Health Month, if after your pets check-up is complete, a dental procedure is required, we will provide a full pre-anaesthetic blood screen valued at $150.00 for FREE.  


Why is dental health important in pets?

Your pets’ teeth require daily care to remain healthy, pain and problem-free. Every day home care is the best and safest way to prevent dental disease. The build up of bacteria in the oral cavity can be a leading cause of kidney disease and also heart valve disease.

If home care is to be effective, teeth cleaning should be done on a DAILY basis. This isn’t always possible, so it is vital to keen an eye on your pet’s dental hygiene through regular checks.

What your pet eats is also super important in maintaining a happy, healthy mouth. To aid your pet’s teeth health at home, we recommend feeding Royal Canin Dental Diet, Greenies and Veggie-Hedgehogs. Giving your dog a dental chew toy is another fun way to help keep teeth clean.

During Pet Dental Health Month, we’re making the at-home care part of your pet’s dental treatment easier, too. We have KONG dental toys to give away with any purchase of Royal Canin Dental food. And Greenies are on special to help you keep your pets mouth healthy – so stock up now!

So what are you waiting for?

ü  Book your pet’s FREE dental health exam,

ü  Take advantage of our dental after-care special,

ü  Stock up on Royal Canin to receive your FREE Kong dental toys and

ü  Make sure you grab some of the Greenies range at sale prices! 

(Stocks are limited, so hop to it folks!)

We look forward to seeing your pet in the animal hospital for Dental Health Month. Let’s make some happy pet smiles together!

Call us now on (02) 9489 4805 to book your FREE pet dental exam and visit the cat or dog dentist today!







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