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The perfect Father’s Day present for the Pup Daddy or Kitty King in your family

At the vet hospital at Wahroonga, Fox Valley Animal Hospital, we know your pets are part of the family. We know it can be hard to find good pet products. We pride ourselves on giving the best service possible to each of our pet families and quality veterinary advice you can rely on.

Did you know we also stock some great gift ideas and practical items for your pets? And that no Father’s Day is complete without something from your family pet?

Check out some great gift ideas from Fox Valley Animal Hospital for your Pup Daddy or King of the Kitties!

Consider enrichment games

Our pets love to exercise their mind and body. It can also be a great process to involve the whole family in as well. Play helps your pet de-stress, provides the right level of challenge and mental agility as well as keeps them sharp and interested. It’s also great to incorporate play to help with obedience while having an awful lot of fun.

Puzzles and games all switch on the enthusiasm, fun and the problem solving skills with your pet.

Luckily, we have a great range of hardy, safe and reliable puzzles and toys that can help with pet enrichment available at vet hospital at Wahroonga, Fox Valley Animal Hospital. You can choose from a range of toys that do everything from support dental hygiene through to provide a peanut butter or paste reward.

You can also try some games at home with discarded items.

Using old plastic tumblers from camping days to hide a bit of carrot or some of your pet’s favourite food can provide endless amusement and joy.

You can also run treasure hunts in the backyard where they need to sniff treats from various locations. The same game can be repeated with a ball. You can even get your Pup Daddy competing against the pets for the ultimate prize!

Why are these great things to consider for Father’s Day?

  • Testing the skills of your pet is fun for the whole family
  • It helps keep your pets happy and healthy at the same time
  • You can get Dad to match his skills against the pets in a treasure hunt!

You can’t go wrong with treats

Want to keep your pets happy, healthy and having a great time during lessons? Then you can’t go past our range of pet treats.

We have things such as Greenies that help not only treat your pet but also help with gum disease and tooth health. We also have a range of treats to help with training puppies and kittens of all sizes.

Lunchbox theory is a great way to help make the learning process and the treats remain a healthy sideline to training. Food for meals can become treats. And you can also borrow a little human food in the shape of items like apple slices and carrots for your dogs.

For extra rewards, add cooked chicken (without seasoning or bones) for cat or dog. It’s a winner all year round at our vet hospital at Wahroonga and it can be a winner at your house, too!

Why are treats a win this Father’s Day?

  • They help improve pet obedience
  • You can use them in a variety of different scenarios
  • It helps your pet remain healthy

Get the equipment you need for adventure

A lot of Pup Daddy’s love nothing more than a day out in the outdoors. Making sure the whole family can be included can be a great gift this Father’s Day. Imagine taking the whole family for adventures small and large throughout the weekend and school holidays.

At Fox Valley Animal Hospital, we have a great range of items to help you get the most out of travel based adventures. These include:

  • Dog car harnesses
  • Cat carriers (for safe transportation away on school holidays and staycations)
  • A variety of walking leashes and walking harnesses
  • Quality collars for identification and walking purposes
  • Advice and medications for carsickness prone pets to travel

We can also help you with advice with ensuring your family pet travels well and adjusts to new destinations. Plus, we can help with advice on boarding if you’d prefer the adventure sans pet but want peace of mind about your pet’s happiness and welfare while you holiday.

Why is pet travel a Father’s Day winner?

  • Knowing how to safely transport your pet on holidays means they whole family can be included
  • Addressing common issues such as pet carsickness can free up your options
  • Enjoying your holiday while your pet does the same makes for a happier holiday when apart

Not sure what is safe and reliable? Pop in into our vet hospital at Wahroonga for some advice!

Add something to the pet wardrobe 

From cold weather to sunshine, nothing is more fun than getting dressed up with your pet. While considering Dad’s latest handkerchief or socks perhaps a little tired, there are some great things you can purchase to put the fun back into Father Fashion.

Think about jazzing up Dad’s favourite dog or making the kitty look super pretty with collars that last from Fox Valley Animal Hospital.

You can also choose from a range of outdoor and indoor jackets for your pet. Perhaps an all weather jacket for adventures is on the cards. Or if you are thinking of getting Dad a funky new set of pyjamas why not extend the fun with some for your pet as well- or even instead?

Why is pet fashion fun for Dads?

If your Dad loves his cat or dog, this is a sure-fire way to put a smile on his dial. At our vet hospital at Wahroonga, we have a range of comfy, practical, durable and stylish pet clothing and accessory options for all kinds of occasions.

Consider sponsoring an animal cause

If your Dad is someone that adores animals, then maybe the best gift of all is to help animals in need. For the Dad who truly has everything, being a part of the giving process can be a lovely reward.

Some of the ways you can tap into your giving side and make him feel special are:

  • Giving to causes such as the RSPCA and WIRES in his name
  • Sponsoring animal refuges in your Dad’s favourite country or favourite wild animal
  • Considering a rescue pet adoption (check to make sure your family is prepared first!)

Why is giving to animal causes great for Dad?

By creating a positive experience for your pet loving Dad by giving to various animal causes in his name, you can create memories that last a lifetime. It also shows him you are compassionate, thoughtful and as much an animal lover as he is!

Want more tips on making Father’s Day a success for your pet loving dad?

So maybe these are more for the family pet than they are for Dad. But a happy pet means a happy pet parent, right? Don’t hesitate to give us a call on (02) 9489 4805 or drop into Fox Valley Animal Hospital today.

Our vet nurses are happy to show you what we have in the range of gift ideas for your pet or pet loving parent at the shop in our vet hospital at Wahroonga!


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