Pet healthcare and supporting services in Wahroonga and beyond

Pet healthcare services, pet minding and dog walking in in Wahroonga, Turramurra and Thornleigh.Fox Valley Animal Hospital may be proudly independent, but that doesn’t mean we don’t work with the local Wahroonga community. In fact, we get by with a lot of goodwill and great word of mouth from local pet related businesses in the area. We’re as proudly local as we are independent, which is why we love working with pet related businesses in the Wahroonga, Turramurra, and Hornsby, Westleigh, and Thornleigh areas and beyond.

That’s why we’ve decided to share some of the businesses that help us along our journey and make our pets and staff feel welcome in the local area.

Welcome to our spotlight on the local(ish) pet healthcare related and pet friendly business series in Wahroonga!

Today, we’re going to introduce you to some of our favourite supporting players in animal healthcare and pet support.

SASH (Small Animal Specialist Hospital)

You may be familiar with SASH as the referral hospital for Bondi Vet. To Fox Valley Animal Hospital, SASH is our afterhour’s emergency referral animal hospital and the place we refer to for specialised surgeries or treatment. SASH has a team of dedicated vets working in specialist areas to crack the more tricky cases we may come across.

SASH is technically in Ryde, but they provide veterinary hospital services to Wahroonga, Turramurra, Hornsby, Westleigh and most of the north shore and surrounding areas like Thornleigh, Epping, Eastwood, Beecroft and more.

When Fox Valley Animal Hospital is closed for the night or a public holiday, SASH is the best alternative in the area.

Specialist orthopaedic surgeon via Fox Valley Animal Hospital

We are also very fortunate to have an on-call specialist surgeon, vet Eugene Buffa. Eugene specialises in soft tissue and complicated orthopaedic surgery.

With Eugene’s help, now your pet can receive specialist surgical care for problems ranging from nasty fractures to hip replacements and tricky skin grafting procedures all performed in the comfort of Fox Valley Animal Hospital.

This means your pet is treated and cared for in a familiar environment, close to home and with people that you know and trust.

SABS (Sydney Animal Behavioural Services)

Some animals may have behaviour issues that go deeper than the standard pet training or corrective advice. This is where a great animal behaviourist comes in.

When we’ve had pet patients in the past who have needed help to adjust from trauma, to soothe aggression and/or deal with psychological and emotional issues, we refer to Kersti Seksel. Kersti is a member of the SABS team based out of the Sydney university veterinary clinic. SABS also has a main animal treatment centre based out of Manly for anyone who wants to avoid the city.

You can find out more about SABS vis their website. 

Locally, Helen White provides some animal behavioural services in Hornsby. Our very own Vet Nurse Hayley has made use of Helen’s services in the past. She uses a positive reward approach to help with training and behavioural issues that may arise.

You can contact Helen on 02 9456 2573 or 0423 533 986.

It may seem strange to engage an animal behaviourist, but let’s not forget that animals have deep and complex emotional states, too.

And that a little extra understanding can help you and your pet get through all kinds of issues from recovery from previous owner issues through to correcting destructive behaviours, anti-social actions and identifying mental health issues for treatment and support.

Louise’s Pet Minding Service

Need a local pet minder? Louise is one of our senior vet nurses at Fox Valley Animal Hospital and lives in Mount Colah. Louise loves pet minding and covers the Wahroonga, Turramurra, Hornsby, Westleigh, and Thornleigh area. If you want your pet sat in a safe, clean and welcoming environment when you’re away for work or on a family holiday, Louise is happy to help.

To contact Louise you can call her mobile 0422 079 841 or email her at louiserudland@hotmail.com

Or you can catch her at Fox Valley Animal Hospital.

Cami’s Pet Sitting and House Minding

If you’re away for a holiday and want to get both pet and property minded, another of the Fox Valley Animal Hospital vet nurses, Cami, offers an in-home pet sitting and house minding service. Cami is passionate and caring and services the Wahroonga, Turramurra, Hornsby, Westleigh, and Thornleigh areas.

You can catch Cami on her mobile 0402 734 649 and also via email on camillehartnett@hotmail.com

Or again, you can ask for Cami at Fox Valley Animal Hospital.

Dog Walking Services

Regular dog walking provides mental stimulation and the general health benefits associated with exercise. It also helps your dog to stay free of depression and provides regular movement that helps minimise the impact of irregular exercise routines on hip dysplasia and other joint related ailments.

We know increasingly long hours at work, the city commute and early darkness associated with winter can deter many pet parents from exercising their dog as much as they should.

Luckily, one of our loyal, amazing clients (and absolute dog lover), Caroline Hogan, has just started a local dog walking service. Caroline is happily accepting new regular and one-off doggy walking clients in the Waitara, Wahroonga, Turramurra and Warrawee areas.

You can contact Caroline via on the mobile on 0414 981 223 or email her at carolinehogan@optusnet.com.au

Additional animal healthcare support

There probably aren’t many issues Dr Alex and Dr Katie haven’t seen in their time as local vets. Fox Valley Animal Hospital is always committed to making the right choices for your family pet, whether that involves our direct assistance or taking advantage of our network of like minded businesses and pet healthcare professionals.

In short, we do what we can to strengthen the local area network we have available to you in order to find the pet friendly services you need to ensure the health, happiness and care of your family pet.

Next, we’ll talk dog friendly cafes and take a look at the fun places you and your pet can go to exercise in Wahroonga, Turramurra, Hornsby, Westleigh, and Thornleigh area and beyond.

Have we missed out your favour pet friendly business in the area? Feel free to leave your own suggestions in the comments below!

About the Author
Owner and Vet Alex Brittan, Vet Katie Syms and the team of Fox Valley Animal Hospital pride themselves on quality service. Fox Valley Animal Hospital is the one you choose for your family pet when the care your animal receives really matters.