See how easy pet weight loss can be with our FVAH slimmers club!

upper north shore vet clinics fox valley animal hospitalUpper north shore vet clinics see their fair share of weight related health issues. Nurse Hayley’s latest blog looks at ways we can improve our pet’s quality of life through a pet weight loss program called ‘Slimmers Club’.

We have touched on all the reasons why our pets gain weight in a previous blog on pet obesity and the nasty problems associated with weight gain in our blog hard facts related to pet obesity. Now it’s time to get proactive and fix the problem.

Let’s explore the importance of diet, ways to encourage exercise and why we’re one of the few upper north shore vet clinics to offer a dedicated Slimmers Club.  

Take advantage of our upper north shore vet clinics free slimmers club

As I mentioned before, upper north shore vet clinics often see obese pets. It’s probably due t the misnomer that to love your pet a lot is to feed them a lot. Pets over-indulge in human food as well as their own. And just like when we treat ourselves a lot, things can start to add up in the weight department!

At Fox Valley Animal Hospital, we consider weight loss a very important part of your pet’s health. That’s why we’ve developed our very own slimmers club. While a lot of upper north shore vet clinics treat the end result of over-indulging and/or diet related issues, we do what we can to prevent issues happening in the first place!

Our tailored program allows us to determine your pets target weight. It also includes a feeding program based on Royal Canin prescription diets and an easy to monitor progress chart.

The slimmers clinic requires you visit with your pet for an initial weigh in. This held at our upper north shore vet clinics physical address in Wahroonga.

At weigh in, you’ll receive a body score. From here, you’ll need to commit to fortnightly check-ups by either myself or one of the vet nurses.

Participating at home is easy. We will supply feeding cups, food weighing scales, and printed guidelines. All you need do is purchase the food!


Why do I need to change my pet’s food?

Weight loss is a combination of calorie control and exercise. As mentioned before in my previous blog on pet obesity, eating too much of the wrong foods, feeding the wrong foods or just eating too many calories will all lead to weight gain.

It is important with your pet’s weight loss that we manage it using a specially formulated food. Cutting back on your pet’s regular food also means you cut back on vital minerals and nutrients your pet requires for health.

The quality of the pet food is extremely important. Lots of foods available in the supermarket are poor quality in terms of too much fat and salt. Your pet may like the taste just like the kids might like the odd bit of junk food, but in both cases, eating too much of it can have a dramatic effect on weight and overall health.

We recommend Royal Canin products because they are healthy and good for your pet. Incidentally, we’re one of the few upper north shore vet clinics that ensures a wide range of Royal Canin foods and other supporting items to help with weight loss and healthy eating plans.


So why should you use Royal Canin obesity diet?

  • It is a complete and perfectly balanced diet designed for weight loss
  • It is high in protein to support the body during weight loss and help maintain muscle mass
  • The food is enriched with nutrients, minerals and vitamins to avoid any nutritional deficiencies when calorie intake is restricted
  • It helps maintain healthy bones and joints as it contains Glucosamine and Chondroitin sulphate. This is especially important in overweight pets
  • It will satisfy the fussiest pets as it is available in both wet and dry formula
  • The natural fibre content will help your pet fill fuller for longer

Changing your pet’s diet allows us to work out exactly what amount to feed and count those calories!

It also means we have complete peace of mind knowing all those vital requirements are meet in terms of vitamins and minerals.

Diet and monitoring is important to pet weight lossslimmers club - pet weight loss

Any diet change to your pet’s diet should be done slowly. After all, we want your pet to enjoy their new food and we want a gradual safe pet weight lose.

The benefits of a slimmer pet are enormous not just from a medical prospective but a wellbeing one. Obese animals can become depressed and life is no fun when you can’t even chase a ball or jump up on the couch.

With the right diet, and a few lifestyle changes your pet can slim down and you can both enjoy a healthy, problematic free lifestyle.

Bring your pet in for his/her free weight assessment and join our Slimmers Club. We want to support and help your pet with no judgement. Our vet nurses are full of encouragement and with regular weigh ins your pet will be on the road to a healthier, longer life. We have an open door policy at Fox Valley Animal Hospital so you can receive your advice and support when you need it. It’s why we’re a favourite among upper north shore vet clinics.

Looking for upper north shore vet clinics that treat obesity? You don;t have to be an existing patient. You can speak to any of our helpful vet nurses and make an appointment on (02)  9489 4805.

Next blog, we’ll give you some helpful tips on how to get your pet moving and interested in weight loss in the home!




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