More tips to spring clean your pet’s welfare

Turramurra vet clinic tips to help spring clean your pet's health

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You don’t have to be a Turramurra vet clinic to know Spring is a great time for everyone. We get more active and we enjoy the outdoors more. That’s why it’s important to ensure the following aspects of your family pet’s welfare are taken care of.

Here’s our guide to spring cleaning your pet’s welfare!

Hayfever, contact allergies and plant ingestion

Cats and dogs can have reactions to pollen and flowering plants. Our vet clinic often sees pets is itchy skin or feet from Wandering Jew. Your pet only has to contact the plant to have a reaction. Lilly ingestion can be particular nasty causing seizures. We tend to see this happen to inquisitive kitty’s that have sniffed or eaten parts of a floral arrangement containing Lilies.

Your family pet does not need to eat these plants to have issues. Contact with the skin or breathing in the pollen in some instances can cause reactions.

In order to minimise your pet’s chance of hayfever, contact allergies or eating a toxic plant, we recommend taking the following precautions:

  • Look for common offenders such as wandering jew and violets and remove them from your lawns and gardens. If it doubt, pull it out
  • Always check before planting in your garden to ensure your gardening choices are pet friendly. You can do this by Googling plant names and/or consulting with our vet nurses
  • Keep a close eye on family pets with existing breathing problems. This is especially true of breeds that have a history of hayfever and breathing difficulties such as Bulldogs and Pugs
  • Check your pet’s skin on a daily basis. This is not only to minimise contact rashes but to also ensure flea and tick activity is monitored throughout spring and summer
  • Stay up to date with medications. If you pet is prone to these issues or is currently suffering from them, you need to make sure you stay the course with any medication, ointments and medicated shampoos our vets Alex and Katie have prescribed


Microchip, ID tag and council registration reviews

Because of our location, we’re often the chosen Wahroonga, Westleigh and Turramurra vet clinic for dropping off lost, injured and stray animals. Nobody wants or expects their family pet to go missing. Yet many loving pet owners face unnecessary heartache when it comes to tracking lost pets in our local area.

Just as the fire department urges you to change our batteries during daylight savings to ensure your fire alarms are working properly, Fox Valley Animal Hospital suggests a once yearly review of your microchip and council registration details. You should also include a review of your pet’s information disc on their collar within this process so that the mobile given is correct.

When we move house or if we take ownership of a new pet, often these vital details are lost. A common problem is out of date mobile numbers or email addresses. Microchips are scanned at vet clinics and animal shelters all around the country each day that provide information that cannot be used to trace a pet’s parent. A microchip or disc with incorrect information doesn’t help return your pet to you.

However, checking these details yearly can save you time and heartache should they go missing.  We suggest you schedule this into your calendar in spring so your pet’s details are as accurate as possible in peak times. Peak times include New Year’s Eve fireworks, where scared pets run away from home. And school holidays when pets are often left with sitters or taken on family holidays to areas they may not recognise.

We also recommend you add updates to your list of things to do when you move, too.

You can update your records at your local council (which is Ku-ring-gai Council for most of our patients) or on line using the Australian Animal Registry website.

If you do find a lost pet, we don’t mind being the Wahroonga, Westleigh and Turramurra vet clinic to give you a hand to find the owner. And we’re certainly not going to shame any owner who needs to pick up a lost pet from us. But we’d also prefer preventative measures were in place more often.

Making sure vaccinations are up to date

If you’re going to send your pet to a boarding place or daycare, a trip to a Wahroonga, Westleigh and Turramurra vet clinic should be on the cards. As family pets find themselves with sitters and boarding kennels during school holidays and summer breaks, it’s always better to be proactive about immunisations.

Vaccines against Parvovirus, Kennel Cough, Distemper, Hepatitis and Bordetella need to be up to date in order for your pet to be accepted at boarding kennels.  It’s also a great idea to make sure all vaccinations are up to date when you leave your pet with a home away from home to ensure any other new pets they come into contact with do not share illness and disease with yours.

At our vet clinic, we have your pet’s patient history on file. We can advise when your family pet is due for a booster in usual circumstances. However, making sure your pet is covered in situations where travel is involved is always a good idea.  We can give you a copy of your pet’s vaccination certificate to take with you.


Pets and travelling abroad

Spring is a good time to act on plans for the future. We recommend any pet parent looking to live and work overseas who is taking a family pet with them to contact us to ensure your pet has a full pet passport.

A pet passport proves your pet is immunised to the standard required by the country of entry. It also means Dr Alex and Dr Katie can advise you on important vaccinations such as rabies. Your pet will need to visit a registered AQIS Veterinarian who is licensed to carry out the vaccinations and complete the paper work for your pet to travel overseas. While we don’t offer this service, we can help you find one in the local to Wahroonga.

It can also mean preparing yourself and your pet mentally for time spent in quarantine. Our vet clinic staff can talk you through the process and the steps you can take to help minimise stress during packing and moving and during the quarantine process.

We can also provide the contacts of companies that assist with the process of travel. They can arrange transport for your pet to and from the airport and also supply the correct airline approved travel cage.  Using a recommend company takes the stress out of moving. They will meet your pet at the airport and transport them to the quarantine kennels for you.


Spring into action with your pet’s welfare today

Prevention is always better than cure. Outstanding care for your family pet is not just something that comes from the team at Fox Valley Animal Hospital. We’re service Wahroonga, Westleigh and Turramurra vet clinic patients 6 days a week.

When was the last time your pet received a check up? Take the time to give Wahroonga, Westleigh and Turramurra vet clinic Fox Valley Animal Hospital a call on (02) 9489 4805 to check and let’s get the jump on your pet’s spring welfare today!

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Owner and Vet Alex Brittan, Vet Katie Syms and the team of Fox Valley Animal Hospital pride themselves on quality service. Fox Valley Animal Hospital is the one you choose for your family pet when the care your animal receives really matters.