The A to Z of quality pet care (Fox Valley Animal Hospital style)

quality pet careAt Fox Valley Animal Hospital, we love what we do. From our vets, Alex and Katie, through to our vet nurses and groomers, we like to think we’ve been brought together because we all believe in quality pet care.

We do know that quality pet care can mean a whole lot of different things.

That’s why we’ve put together a little A to Z of quality pet care to share with you.

This is what we think puts the quality in the service we provide for your family pet!


Adopt, don’t shop

As animal lovers who support Oscar’s Law and the end to puppy mills, our team of pet care professionals are pro-adoption from animal shelters. That’s why we also run a cat re-homing program and work with the RSPCA to promote the ‘adopt, don’t shop’ ethos.


Nothing is more stressful than worrying about your family pet during an accident or mishap. Speed and a clear head will often make the difference in a pet patient’s outcomes. That why Fox Valley Animal Hospital have two fully loaded pet ambulances ready to meet your animal healthcare emergency.

Animal support staff

From Alex’s dog Heather who provides a calming influence (and stately manner) to any consult through to the sunny smiles of Holly the Lab who is always there for a friendly wag for the team, our animal support staff make any visit to Fox Valley Animal Hospital a memorable one.




Sharing the knowledge is what we do! That’s why we started a pet healthcare blog last year on the Fox Valley Animal Hospital website. At our blog, you can find all kinds of pet healthcare and animal training tips as well as a breakdown on common problems, pet diseases and of course, behind the scenes moments from our humble veterinary surgery.

Blood machine

Pathology results can make or break a difficult diagnostic case. That’s why we’ve got a nifty blood machine for testing your pet’s blood work. It’s one of the many features Fox Valley Animal Hospital offers that others don’t, saving you money and valuable time.


Care ratio

We’ve got more vet nurses per pet in our care than most other animal hospitals, large or small. Because patient care ratios are important to ensuring your family pet gets the best possible care.


For the water loving dog that needs to keep those pesky fleas at bay, we offer Comfortis once a month tablets over the counter at the animal hospital.

Continuous Learning

Digging through books, staying abreast with all the latest techniques and regular attendance to pet healthcare sessions are all part of the working life at our animal hospital. We get our book nerd on so your pet can reap the benefits.


Try having happy vet nurses without it!


Dental Hygiene

September may be officially dental health month, but every day is dental care day at Fox Valley Animal Hospital! We stock Greenies and a wide selection of dental chews for your cat or dog. And we provide training on how to help your pet keep their teeth and gums healthy at every 6 monthly dental check-up.


De-sexing your family pet reduces the risk of cancer, stops unwanted litters, and helps your new family pet stay healthy and happy (and out of mischief!).


Euthanasia with dignity

Saying goodbye to a treasured family member is always difficult. When your family pet’s time to cross over the rainbow bridge arrives, we do everything we can to make that journey as comfortable as possible.



Want to catch up with all the other pet loving members of the Fox Valley Animal Hospital community? Now you can! Join Fox Valley Animal Hospital on Facebook for life behind the scenes, tips on pet healthcare from us and around the world, interesting pet care stories and all the fun of animal friendship.

Frontline Plus

Protect your cat or dog from fleas and ticks with Frontline Plus. Yet another product we stock at our Wahroonga veterinary surgery for your convenience.

Fur, fins or feathers

No matter the covering, we can look after your special animal friend! We treat wildlife, domestic pets, exotic pets and more.


Grooming for Dogs

Healthy for the skin, great for reducing the risk of heat-stroke, essential to stop shedding and a way to make your family dog feel fabulous is grooming. That’s why we operate the Pooch Parlour! Bring your puppy or dog in to our Wahroonga grooming salon for de-shedding, hair cutting, sensitive washes and more. Bookings essential.



Health insurance

Never under estimate the cost of regular health maintenance and the cost of accidents, illness and adventure. Pet health insurance is a must. Talk to Dr Alex about your pet’s needs. We’ve got a great relationship with Pet Plan, but can also advise you on the correct health insurance for your pet.


Say goodbye to smelly breath and gum disease and hello to a happy pet mouth! Hexarinse is a mouthwash for dogs, cats and horses designed to keep your pet’s gums happy and healthy. Ask your vet about Hexarinse during your pet’s dental exam!


Independent care

Fox Valley Animal Hospital is a proudly independent veterinary clinic. Vet Alex Brittan has spent 15 years working with the local community so he can provide your pet the kind of individual care you simply won’t receive at a chain animal hospital.



The place us nerdy pet care people go for the inside scoop on new treatment techniques.


Kuring-Gai area

This is our local council area, but it’s also our home. We’re proud to be Wahroonga vets with patients from Normanhurst to Berowra. Looking for a Turramurra animal hospital, a Thornleigh vet or a Wahroonga groomer? We’re one and the same!


Live-in vets

Dr Alex loves the animal hospital surgery so much, it’s where he lives. True story.


We love the animals we meet and treat, the cats we re-home, the people we help and the whole special little outfit that is Fox Valley Animal Hospital.



Making sure your pet has the right medications and the best possible treatment outcomes is what we’re all about. We regularly conduct research into treatments so that the medications we provide are the best options available. Unlike other animal hospitals, we choose what is right for your pet’s treatment, not what is the best for the drug company bottom line.


Working with post-accident, post-operation, and senior and general genetic disabilities is both a love and a passion for our vet clinic. Helping your pet regain and improve movement through exercise, diet, surgery, treatments and medication is just another everyday animal service!




Stay up to date and in the know with Dr Alex’s quarterly print newsletter and now, online email straight to your inbox. Never miss the latest promotions, products and practises from your favourite local vet.


Looking to revolutionise the way you prevent fleas and ticks in your dogs is Nexgard. This breakthrough product treats both fleas and ticks in one handy pet friendly tablet. You can buy monthly, 3 monthly or 6 monthly doses. AND for mixed pet households, there’s no more worry about toxic issues with cats and dogs snuggling together. Ashttp://www.nexgardfordogs.com/Pages/index.aspxk us about it today.

Not Melbourne Cup

Fox Valley Animal Hospital isn’t a fan of the disposable culture of horse racing. That’s why we offer a community event that is fun for all ages and animal friendly in ‘Not Melbourne Cup’. Join us for an afternoon of fun and friendship with your four-pawed pooch this November.


Obesity prevention

From weight assessment to diet programs, Doctor Alex can help your pet get back from fatty to fitty in no time! Call us on (02) 9489 4805 to find out more.


Pet Adoption

Looking to add a new kitten or cat to your household? Let us help you! Find your new furrever friend with us! Check our Facebook page or call us on (02) 9489 4805 to make your cat adoption possible.

Puppy School

Send your new Fido off to discover the ABC’s of dog etiquette at our puppy school! We’ll have your puppy learning all the right habits and making the doggy grade in no time.


Quality healthcare for your family pet

It isn’t just a catchphrase. At our vet clinic, it’s a way of life. Read more about our approach to quality pet care now.



Whether it’s recovery from serious injury or undoing the damage of a disease or defect, we can help your pet with all their rehabilitation needs.

Royal Canin

A happy, healthy pet needs a vet approved, nutritional diet. That’s why we recommend and sell the Royal Canin pet food veterinary range.


Leaders in the prevention of harm to animals and the peak body for animal rights, the RSPCA is a body we admire and support. Check our blog for our participation in all kinds of RSPCA fundraising events throughout the year!


Skin Specialists

When it comes to cracking the case of skin disease in your pet, there’s none finer than Vet Katie Syms. Whether its infection, allergic reaction, dietary related or something more, Dr Katie is a skin specialist who can help diagnose and treat your pet’s skin ailments.


From de-sexing to setting broken bones, complex procedures to the everyday, Fox Valley Animal Hospital’s state-of-the-art surgery can help get your pet back on the mend.



It’s rather lovely when your pet patient’s parents give so much love via cards, letters, gifts and testimonials!

Treats and toys

Keep your pet enriched (and out of danger) with our selection of vet approved treats and toys, available at reception.


Catch up with the news, tips and more via Fox Valley Animal Hospital’s official Twitter!



No matter your pet’s curly health crisis, bizarre injury, strange animal behaviour or rare illness, we’re committed to discovering the best treatment for your family pet. We do this by providing you and your pet the understanding you need, no matter the situation.



Vets are those awesome super heroes who spent an awful lot of time at animal medical school so that your family pet could get the very best in care, no matter the situation.

Vet nurses

The Robin to our veterinary Batman and Batgirl, the vet nurses of Fox Valley Animal Hospital make sure the well oiled machine our veterinary practice smoothly runs throughout the day. From answering the phone and greeting the patients to providing much needed assistance during surgery, rehab and more, our vet nurses run on a combination of job satisfaction, animal love and daily chocolate.


Wahroonga community

The place we live and love is the Wahroonga community! Oh, we also love Turramurra, Normanhurst, Thornleigh and the whole Kuring-Gai council area really. It’s a wonderful place to live and work.


Living in a green leafy suburb, surrounded by national park means we see our fair share of injured wildlife. It also means we work very closely with the awesome gang from WIRES and Sydney Metro Wildlife to ensure their ongoing care.


Just one of the many animal charities we support.


X-ray machines

In order to provide your pet with the best possible healthcare (and the least amount of travelling for treatment), our state-of-the-art animal hospital has its very own digital X-ray machines. We also have a full pathology lab, rehab centre and a fantastic relationship with other animal healthcare specialists to ensure your pet’s treatment is the best it can possibly be.


Youth commitment

Our animal hospital is open to the vets and vet nurses of the future through the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme at high school level, and university and/or TAFE placement for veterinary students studying for their future animal health career.



Is for all the sleep you will be getting because you know that your family pet’s care is in the hands of a team who truly cares about your animal’s welfare.


That’s our A to Z of quality pet care – did we miss anything? You tell us!




About the Author
Owner and Vet Alex Brittan, Vet Katie Syms and the team of Fox Valley Animal Hospital pride themselves on quality service. Fox Valley Animal Hospital is the one you choose for your family pet when the care your animal receives really matters.