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Hey, hey, it’s RSPCA Cupcake Day!

Wahroonga local vet clinic fox valley animal hospital on rspca cupcake day

Support us this RSPCA Cupcake Day!

A local vet clinic selling cake in Wahroonga? Yep folks, this August that is definitely us!

Here at Fox Valley Animal Hospital, we love having the opportunity to connect with our animal patients and their human families for more than healthcare. Being a part of the community and promoting a safe and happy life for all kinds of animals is something we love to do. Add the joy of cupcakes to the mix, and you’ll see why the RSPCA Cupcake Day is so very appealing!

That’s why this Monday 18th of August, we’ll have cupcakes for sale at your local vet clinic, Fox Valley Animal Hospital.

Why RSPCA cupcake day?

The RSPCA do some very amazing work with rescuing and re-homing animals, and removing animals from at times, some pretty terrible circumstances. This kind of work doesn’t come cheap. Fundraising drives are a big part of what helps the RSPCA continue this vital work.

Cupcake day is also a great way to connect with fellow animal lovers, and kick into helping our animal friends through awareness and practical application of funds to fight animal cruelty.

Here’s the official breakdown of what your cupcake dollars mean to animals in need:

The power of the cupcake:

  • 2 cupcakes* = an enrichment toy to keep a dog happy and engaged
  • 5 cupcakes = litter tray for a kitten or cat to toilet train them
  • 15 cupcakes = vaccinates a puppy against the deadly parvo virus
  • 50 cupcakes = desexes cat or dog so it can be re-homed with a forever family
  • 150 cupcakes = subsidies the costs of prosecuting a cruelty offender

*1 cupcake = $2 donation

As you can see, cupcakes can really make a difference to a four pawed friend in need!

What does this mean for you and your Wahroonga local vet clinic?

At Fox Valley Animal Hospital, we support the ‘adopt, don’t shop’ way to finding your furrever friend. That’s why we support campaigns such as RSPCA Cupcake Day as well as operate a cat and kitten re-homing service. We’re a Wahroonga local vet clinic that puts our actions with our words when we encourage you to adopt the many homeless animals at local animal shelters.

RSPCA Cupcake Day is also a fun way to make a trip to our animal hospital a little less stressful. We know that pets and pet parents alike aren’t always fond of trips to the animal doctor, so participating is another way we bring a little sunshine to your day. Plus, we love cake!

The Fox Valley Animal Hospital RSPCA Cupcake Day (wow, that’s even a bigger mouthful than some of our delicious cupcakes!) is also a great way to see our animal hospital for the first time. So if you are new to the area, or considering a change to FVAH, why not take the opportunity to introduce yourself, buy a cupcake and support a good cause?

We’ll be selling cupcakes from 8AM to 6PM on Monday the 18th of August in reception at Fox Valley Animal Hospital.

If you cannot make it on the day but would still like to participate, you can also sponsor us via our official team page. 

Help fight animal cruelty this RSPCA Cupcake Day! Drop into your local vet clinic (the Wahroonga vet clinic with the ambulances parked out front) and enjoy a cupcake in the name of helping pets today!  


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