Spring time pet healthcare promotions

Want hot promotions from a Sydney vet hospital that cares? You’ve got it with the spring cleaning health promotions available to you at Fox Valley Animal Hospital.

As we mentioned in our spring cleaning in pet healthcare blog, ticks, fleas, skin issues and shedding that winter weight and coat are all part of your spring challenges. Check out great pet healthcare promotions from Sydney vet hospital Fox Valley Animal Hospital. Many of our vet clinics regular customers find that Wahroonga, Thornleigh, Westleigh and Turramurra can be places where finding the right prevention, pet food and supporting animal healthcare can be difficult. Or cost a bundle.

At Fox Valley Animal Hospital, we like to make keeping your pet healthy and happy between visits as easy as possible. That’s why we stock all kinds of products and offer all sorts of services to make your life easier.

And as we love focussing on prevention, we’ve got some great spring pet healthcare promotions to help you get on top of the common spring problems your pet’s face.

Here are Sydney vet hospital Fox Valley Animal Hospital’s spring time pet healthcare promotions!

Food, glorious food

Feeding your family pet the right kind of diet is essential to good health. But with so many different products on the market, it can be difficult to make the right choices. Many companies claim their pet food is tasty and nutritious, yet many are packed with fats, sugars and all kinds of nasties that negatively impact your pet’s health. Diet can also help your pet with specific issues such as mobility, dental issues and allergies.

That’s where Royal Canin comes in.

We stock Royal Canin’s vet approved diet because we know it’s good for your pet. And we know that pet’s enjoy the food. Plus, with advice from the vet nurses and Dr Alex, you can use Royal Canin to help with all kinds of common issues. From weight loss through to skin problems, mobility support to great food for every stage of your family pet’s lifecycle, Royal Canin has something for you.

Loyal Royal Canin customers also receive their 11th bag of food absolutely free.

All you need to do is buy your regular supply from Fox Valley Animal Hospital and we will update your loyalty card every time you make a purchase.


No more cat fleas

Keeping fleas at bay with your feline friend can be a challenge. Especially in spring where the weather is warm and the grass is tall. That’s where Revolution for Cats comes in.

Revolution is a spot on treatment that covers your cat against fleas.

To help you keep up with year round prevention, if you buy a year’s supply of Revolution for Cats, you receive 3 months FREE.

This is a great saving for cat owners who like to plan ahead or households with multiple cats.

Simply drop in and ask one of our friendly vet nurses to help you.

PLEASE NOTE: Revolution only treats fleas in cats. You will need to buy a separate tick prevention product to keep your cats safe from ticks.


Treating arthritis properly

Arthritis in pets is never fun, which is why Dr Alex has taken time out to help you spot the signs and minimise the impact arthritis has on your pet’s quality of life.

Nobody likes to see a stiff and sore family pet struggle with arthritis. That’s what makes Meloxicam for arthritis so special.

A honey flavoured daily treatment, Meloxicam reduces the inflammation associated with arthritis and in turn, improves your family pet’s mobility and reduces their overall discomfort.

With chilly mornings and evenings in spring, Meloxicam helps your family pet weather the changes in temperature during the days and night. And it helps support your pet as they leave the hibernation of winter behind for a more active lifestyle.

To help you keep on top of your pet’s arthritis, we’re extending our winter promo and offering a buy 5, get 1 FREE promotion on Meloxicam.

That saving is available when you purchase your Meloxicam from Fox Valley Animal Hospital and present your loyalty card to us.


Wednesday is Senior’s Day

Many of the faces we see  have been faces we’ve known for over a decade and a half. We inherited many loyal patients when we took over Fox Valley Animal Hospital from Bob Kibble. So it’s only fair we repay that loyalty.

That’s why ALL owners of a Seniors Card can receive discount treatments and consultations on Wednesdays.

Let us know at the time of your appointment booking and don’t forget to show us your card when you arrive to qualify for your Senior’s Day promotion.

PLEASE NOTE: As we service Wahroonga, Turramurra, Thornleigh, Westleigh and surrounds, we do have many senior pet owners who qualify for this promotion. Please always book in advance to ensure availability.


Flea and tick tablets for water loving dogs

spring time pet healthcare promotionsBravecto may only be a new tablet on the flea and tick market, but it’s already making a splash. This tablet based flea and tick prevention is a once every 3 month dose. Plus, it’s not based on skin contact, so it can be used safely with dogs that love the water.

Bravecto makes your life easier through combining flea and tick prevention. Plus, you only need to remember a tablet every season as opposed to a spot on treatment every fortnight.

To help introduce this new product, if you buy 2 boxes (a 6 month supply) and go online to the Bravecto website, you can receive a $20 CASH BACK.


Spring time equals more dog playtime

Your dog or puppy is probably feeling the joy of that warmer weather course right through their veins. And we all know a spring time canine can be a bored canine.

Don’t let your dog or puppy turn your return home each day into a return to disaster. Book them into the Fox Valley Animal Hospital day-care!

For only $30 a day, you can bring you dog or puppy to us and have them enjoy playtime with other dogs, all while under the care of a team of trained pet healthcare professions.

And it’s a great way to get puppies associating their regular vet clinic with a positive experience.

Tongues are already lolling and tails a-wagging. You can join the fun on a regular basis or book casually as you need.

To find out more about our doggy day-care, call (02) 9489 4805 now.


Shedding that extra fur

With spring comes a major shed for most dog breeds. That’s when you need the Pooch Parlour.

Unlike other dog grooming services, our dog groomer is trained to spot signs of skin illness. Plus, we use a variety of different hypo-allergenic dog washes and treatments that can help alleviate even the trickiest of skin problems.

And we have Dr Katie, a skin specialist vet, on hand should your dog’s fur or skin need that extra bit of review, advice and treatment.

So don’t leave one of your dog’s most important organs to cheap shampoos or glamorous gimmicks. Book your appointment at the Pooch Parlour today.

PLEASE NOTE: As we are considered the best groomers in the local Wahroonga area, we are popular. Booking ahead is essential.


Want further information on any of the Fox Valley Animal Hospital pet healthcare promotions mentioned?

We challenge you to find a Sydney vet hospital that offers such a great array of healthcare promotions to help you keep your pets healthy and happy.

You know what to do! Give us a call on (02) 9489 4805 or drop in at 107 Fox Valley Road, Wahroonga during our opening hours. We’re happy to help!

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