Not all Sydney pet hospitals are equal

Not all sydney pet hospitals created are equal. Vet Alex Brittan hard at work

Not all sydney pet hospitals created are equal. Vet Alex Brittan hard at work

Are Sydney pet hospitals all the same? What vets and vet nurses study at university, and TAFE may give the impression that we are similar in knowledge and expertise. However, like any career, some Sydney pet hospitals do specialise in certain medical areas, and do have special areas of interest.

At Fox Valley Animal Hospital, our vets Alex and Katie have some passion points that really make a difference in how we approach your family pet’s care which you may not find at other Sydney vets.

For example, Vet Katie has a passion for solving tricky internal medicine cases. This makes her an excellent candidate for solving cases involving the kinds of illnesses which may seem complex, ongoing and seemingly confusing.

Katie is also extremely well versed in dermatology and skin care. So family pets that have skin diseases, allergies or who have sustained a skin injury can really benefit from Katie’s in-depth knowledge and passion for ensuring skin health.

Vet Alex prides himself on a ‘prevention is better than cure’ ethos. When it comes to nutrition, diet, exercise and assessing your pet’s potential for future issues, Alex is the vet to call. Providing quality, long term care with a focus on ensuring your pet faces the least amounts of health challenges is Alex’s aim.

So much so that Fox Valley Animal Hospital offers free slimmers clinics to get your pets back on track health- wise if they’re battling weight issues. Not many Sydney pet hospitals actively seek to prevent issues like obesity like Vet Alex Brittan.

Alex has owned Fox Valley Animal Hospital for 13 years and plans to be here for a long while yet. From the cradle to the grave and every step in between, Alex is here for your family pet.

We’re more than a Sydney pet hospital you can call on during a tough time. We start building a relationship with you and your family pet right at the beginning.

The standard policy of Fox Valley Animal Hospital is to offer free puppy training classes if you book your immunisations and puppy health checks with us. This gives our puppy patients access to the training that can often save your dog from accidents and injuries through disobedience and misadventure later in life.

And we offer specials that help you look after vital aspects of your pet’s health. In order to prevent dental hygiene issues, Alex offers free dental health exams as part of pet Dental Health Month.

Vet Alex also has a professional network which ensures that your family pet will always receive outstanding healthcare. He has made it his business to couple his people skills with his animal skills and has a tremendous network of specialist surgeons, animal behaviourists and animal http://www.mindanews.com/buy-imitrex/ health groups he can call on for those extra tough cases. When you choose Dr Alex as your vet, you gain access to specialised Sydney pet hospitals and other forms as medical care as well.

For Alex, providing outstanding healthcare is centred on making sure your pet always has the best opportunity for a healthy life, regardless of whether he directly provides the care or not. So he makes it his business to not only stay up-to-date personally with techniques and treatments, but to also use his professional relationships to your pet’s best possible advantage.


Choosing independent Sydney pet hospitals over a part of a chain

There’s no denying that being a part of a chain gets people immediately recognising your brand and what you sell. You can see that with any fast food joint. But for Fox Valley Animal Hospital, remaining an independent animal hospital has been extremely important. And while people often say there is “strength in numbers”, this isn’t always the case for small business owners.

In a chain situation, there are often limitations to what you can do due to approval processes. Robust staff development programs are not common. Buying new equipment and refurbishing theatres and other vital parts of the animal hospital can be excruciatingly difficult. And treatment options are often controlled by margins, partnerships and the profit to be made as opposed to what is right for the animal.


Unlike other Sydney pet hospitals, we’ve never wanted to be the McDonalds of animal healthcare. And that’s why we remain independent.

When Alex took over from Bob Kibble, he wanted to remain independent animal hospital in a supportive, caring community where he knew he would like to stay for a very long time. In Wahroonga and Fox Valley Animal Hospital, he saw a pretty bright future.

He spent time and money upgrading the equipment and put an enormous amount of energy into selecting, training and professionally developing his staff. Alex also added features that would help the hospital to really grow as a part of the community such as the ambulances, the Pooch Parlour, and spent time fostering local relationships.

At Fox Valley Animal Hospital we constantly strive to be the best we can be, without compromise, so that we can continue to provide an outstanding level of care that the entire team can be proud of.

As an animal lovers and proud veterinary professionals, there was no way Alex or his team are going to allow a balance sheet influence the chance of survival or the healthcare outcomes of his patients on a day-to-day basis.

And we remain about to get involved in the local community, too.

So that’s why we think not all Sydney pet hospitals are created equal. And why we invite you to call us about your animal healthcare needs on (02) 9489 4805. 


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Owner and Vet Alex Brittan, Vet Katie Syms and the team of Fox Valley Animal Hospital pride themselves on quality service. Fox Valley Animal Hospital is the one you choose for your family pet when the care your animal receives really matters.