I wish to thank you most sincerely for your superb professional skill, kindness and care for Boney in the last weeks of his life. For me, your support and advice made the worry and responsibility so much more manageable.

Also, thank you and Lyza for coming to our home to give Boney his final injections. It was all so peaceful, loving and personal. Your suggestion of using the garden area in one of Boney’s favourite places was perfect. Warwick, Paige, David and I are deeply touched and grateful.

I also want to thank Christine, Michelle, Lyza and Kathy for their loving care and concern for Boney, and their loving care and support for me was deeply appreciated. ”

To Boney – a Faithful friend
Now he’s safe deep in sleep
All our love for him we’ll keep
Our much loved Boney was the best
And in our hearts he’ll always rest.
Dogs and people were his friends
And we’ll all love him past his end
A puppy dog won’t take his place
And in our hearts he’ll always race.

Warwick, Paige, David