What’s it like to be a vet nurse at Fox Valley Animal Hospital?

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Our vet nurse team is happy to help you

“What’s it like to be a vet nurse at Fox Valley Animal Hospital?”

We get that question quite a bit when talking to students at the local Turramurra and Wahroonga schools.


Fox Valley Animal Hospital is a wonderful place to work. Our staff and volunteers enjoy helping our local community and giving outstanding healthcare to your pets.

It’s what we do, after all. But what are some of the wonderful things that make a day at Fox Valley Animal Hospital so very special?


Senior vet nurse Hannah has taken a little time out of her day to capture what makes a day at Fox Valley Animal Hospital a day to remember!


Tick-tock! It’s time to start the day At Fox Valley Animal Hospital

A Fox Valley Animal Hospital vet nurse starts each morning at 8am. Each patient gets one-on-one time as the vet nurses go through hospital, making sure all are clean, comfortable and ready to tackle another day of the healing process.

First, we begin with a little housekeeping. Every pet patient gets their cage disinfected and a clean yoga mat is added to keep our pet patients comfy and off the cage bottom. Fresh snuggly bedding is added next, complete with a heat disc and Doggie Jama for the chilly mornings and days.  Any medications are dispensed and any dressings or the like are seen to. Then every patient’s favourite part of the day, breakfast, rolls around. There are a lot of very well behaved and eager pet patients, especially when breakfast consists of Chargrill Charlie’s chicken!

From here, each vet nurse takes out some time to have a bit of fun time with our pet patients. Each dog is taken out for a morning walk if possible.  And every cat is given sometime to roam around the vet nurses in the hospital room while they fix their cage up.

This process is repeated 3 times a day, with constant monitoring throughout the day to make sure all our pet patients are recovering nicely.

A vet nurse knows an animal a day keeps the blues at bay

Life is never dull at Fox Valley Animal Hospital! The vet nurses could be looking after up to 12 patients at a time. Each pet patient or visitor, whether sick or boarding, has its’ own personal chart to keep a daily track of its weight, temperatures, feeding habits, and anything else we’d like to keep an eye on.

A vet nurse from Fox Valley Animal Hospital with some of our past adoption kittens

A vet nurse with some of our past adoption kittens

Our adoption kittens are allowed to run free in our consult room overnight, so much of our morning consists of cleaning up their fun from the previous night! The kittens also get the run of the clinic during the middle of the day when we are in surgery. This isn’t just to keep the kittens happy, enriched and learning to explore. It also helps keep our staff happy (and on our toes!) with their feline frivolity!

Surgeries are done on weekdays during the middle of the day. Tuesdays are generally a busy day for us as both of our vets are working. We see everything from new puppies getting their vet checks and immunizations through to WIRES wildlife needing an extra bit of care after a tumble in the bush surrounding the local area. We really enjoy meeting local kids with their pets, helping couples with their fur-babies and putting a smile on the many human and animal faces we see each week.


If you want variety in your working day, there is always some to be had at Fox Valley Animal Hospital! Want to no more about the life of a vet nurse? We’re happy to talk to your school in Waroongha, Turramurra, Normanhurst and surrounding areas. Or you can pop in and ask when you next visit with your family pet.


About the Author
Owner and Vet Alex Brittan, Vet Katie Syms and the team of Fox Valley Animal Hospital pride themselves on quality service. Fox Valley Animal Hospital is the one you choose for your family pet when the care your animal receives really matters.