Pet weight loss for cats and dogs

Veterinary healthcare often involves diet, exercise and looking at the are of weight loss. As mentioned in my previous blog on diets, changing what your pet eats is half the solution to pet weight loss.

Alongside regular exercise a good diet should see your pet start to lose those extra kilos in no time. However not all pets are keen to exercise.

That’s why we’re going to take a deep dive into how you can encourage your pet to moves so you can ace this vital part of veterinary healthcare. 

pet weight loss


Exercising the lazy kitty

Exercise is important to at home veterinary healthcare. Here are some tricks and tips for motivating even the fussiest cat.

One of the many problems I encounter from owners is their cat’s lack of interest to exercise! We all know cats just love to sleep and will spend most the day quietly napping away. This is where we have to get a bit creative to get them moving and burning calories.

A lot of veterinary healthcare revolves around motivation and psychology. Oh, and play! Most overweight cat’s love their food so what better way than to make them work for it?

Here’s how you can use food to motivate your cat to move: 

  • Hide their food around the home turning meal times into a game of ‘hunt and seek’ let’s make our kitty’s work for their food.
  • Make use of treat balls as a fun way of getting your cat up and moving for their dinner.
  • Roll their kibble along a corridor and encourage your feline friend to chase it.
  • Crazy as you may feel, walking around your home with their food bowl and getting them to follow you before giving them their regular meal will not only burn calories but get you up and moving.

Another helpful way to help your portly pussy cat shed kilos is make play time revolve around exercise.

Playing games are not only an important part of bonding but they get your cat up and burning fat. You can buy fishing rod toys from us that most cats go crazy for, or even make something using a piece of string and a feather.

During the evening play catch with your cat, use pieces of foil rolled into a ball or ping-pong balls. Another fun game to play is getting your cat to chase a pen torch light across the floor.

It’s highly amusing watching them leap and run trying to catch the light while all the time burning calories.

Pet weight loss for dogs

Exercising a dog is a much http://www.besttramadolonlinestore.com easier than a cat. Daily walks are great for both them and you. It stimulates the brain, stops boredom, encourages social behaviour between pet parents and dogs. And of course burns up those calories!

Take it easy with obese pets and slowly build up the duration of exercise. It’s much better on the joints to have 2 smaller walks a day than 1 big one.

Swimming is also a great form of exercise for obese pets and is low impact. Even walking along the beach against the resistant of sand will increase the calorie burn.

When it comes to feeding time why not invest in a treat ball? These are great environmental enrichments and also encourage movement and exercise. All scatter your pets food across the lawn and let them find it. Much more fun than just eating from a bowl.

Our lunch box theory

If you have issues with pet obesity it is possible that more than one house member is feeding your pet. That’s why you should call on the veterinary healthcare (and puppy training) stalwart, lunch box theory.

The lunchbox theory is a great way to ensure that your pet only receives the right amount of food each day. One house member is responsible for measuring out your pet’s daily quota and placing it into a lunchbox. Use the lunchbox as a central resource. Meals can be divided into 2 and also any treats that are given throughout the day can be included.

This ensures you won’t over feed your pet and they still feel like they are getting treats without piling on the pounds.

The final word on pet weight loss

You don;t have to have specific training in veterinary healthcare to apply many of these ideas at home.

Today, you’ve received what seems like a small handful of useful tricks and tips to help your pet drop those extra kilos. But they can be incredibly powerful when it comes to weight loss. As long as you and your pet are consistent and stick with it!

Please feel free to share any advice you have or anything that has worked for you and your pet. Pet weight loss doesn’t have to be boring and should be fun.

And remember, if you’re struggling to get started, you can always count on us for advice and assistance.

Need help motivating your pet to a healthy weight or food related veterinary healthcare? Call us on (02) 9489 4805 and ask about the Fox Valley Animal Hospital Slimmer’s Club!

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