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Your Wahroonga community, your Wahroonga vets

We fly the flag as being your Wahroonga vets fairly high. Fox Valley Animal Hospital is proudly independent. We’re owned, operated and staffed by animal healthcare professionals who love the Kuringai and Wahroonga areas.

To us, being a local vet looking after Wahroonga, Turramurra or Normanhust doesn’t just mean being physically positioned in that suburb. It means looking after the Wahroonga community at large.

One of our senior vet nurses, Hannah, takes you through her favourite community events on the Fox Valley Animal Hospital calendar.

Here’s how we act as your Wahroonga vets and as part of the animal loving Wahroonga community!

Fun and games – NOT Melbourne Cup

Wahroonga vets Fox Valley Animal Hospital run NOT Melbourne Cup. One of our NOT Melbourne Cup events- fun for human and animal friends!

One of our NOT Melbourne Cup events- fun for human and animal friends!

Besides our everyday routines and working with a fun and supportive bunch of people, The Fox Valley Animal Hospital staff is lucky enough to indulge in fun team activities.

Each year at Melbourne Cup time, the FVAH team gets together for our annual ‘NOT Melbourne Cup’ games day. This consists of lunch and champagne at the local dog park with all of our dogs invited to dress up creatively and participate in competitions to win their very own trophies.

It’s a great day out, which always results in a clinic filled with very tired, hilarious looking dogs.


Working with the Wahroonga community

As vets local to Wahroonga, we like to get involved in our local community. You’ll often see us doing school group tours of our animal hospital, talks at the local schools in the Kuringai area, and participating at local fetes.

Being in Wahroonga and surrounded by bush, wildlife is massive and very special part of our job. The nurses love the opportunity to give a Joey a cuddle! We love seeing the improvement in our patients and hearing of their release back into the wild. The team is constantly learning from experienced wildlife carers such as the team from WIRES on how best to take care of the different creatures we often see.

On top of this, we take advantage of courses that the specialist wildlife vet provides, such as the Macro-pod course that I (Nurse Hannah) am about to participate in!

Animal Lovers Abound

Part of our four pawed customer service team - Heather" in Mushroom, "Max" in Red and "Audrey" in Fuchsia

Part of our four pawed customer service team – Heather” in Mushroom, “Max” in Red and “Audrey” in Fuchsia

Being animal lovers, it’s hard to leave our pets behind while we are spending time at work with other people’s pets. One of the best things about working at Fox Valley Animal Hospital is that we get to bring our fur babies to work with us!

Dr Alex’s dog Heather loves to greet clients. Vet nurse Hannah (that’s me!) has dog Audrey keeps them entertained with her ever changing wardrobe and hair styles. You will often see Max the yellow Labrador and Holly the black Labrador lazing about.

Sometimes it’s less a bunch of Wahroonga vets and vet nurses and more a bunch of humans and dogs helping to provide animal care around here!

The vet nurses also get to hang out with our clinic chickens “Techno’ and ‘Bubbles’ at lunch time, which keeps us suitably entertained.

Commitment to animal welfare

Our vet nurses are always trying to spread awareness about our adoption program. “Adopt, don’t shop” is something you will often hear them say.

All of the vet nurses own at least 1 rescue animal, and take great pride in encouraging people to save a life by adopting rescue animals.

We also actively support the organizations that help find these animals homes. The vet nurses also take on rearing kittens from time to time, and become full-time mummies to these fur babies until they are old enough to be able to feed themselves.


Puppy play time!

Some of our 2013 graduates of Puppy Party fun!

Some of our 2013 graduates of Puppy Party fun!

I love running “Puppy Party”- a way for new puppies to be socialized and to train puppies and owners on basic dog obedience. The classes run for 3 weeks and are complimentary to clients that book in for puppy vaccinations with us.

There’s never a dull moment with cheeky and cheerful puppies scampering about, eager to learn their lessons and meet new puppy pals.

So if you are considering a new doggy family member, I’d love to see you!



Why the Wahroonga community matters

At Fox Valley Animal Hospital, we don’t just want to be the Wahroonga vets. Our lead vet and Fox Valley Animal Hospital owner, Dr Alex lives in the area (behind the vet clinic!) and wants to make a life for his family by being connected to the community.

Fox Valley Animal Hospital staff share this pride. We believe building a community of animal lovers is part and parcel of providing great healthcare for your family pets. By being aware of the challenges facing animals through fun and play, educating and helping people learn about animals of all kinds, and socializing your animals, we can all enjoy the benefits of a community that cares about our animals.

Plus, there’s no better excuse for exchanging a hello or making a new friend than a shared bond of animal love!

That’s Hannah’s picks for what makes the community around Fox Valley Animal Hospital so special. What do you love about the Wahroonga community? 

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Owner and Vet Alex Brittan, Vet Katie Syms and the team of Fox Valley Animal Hospital pride themselves on quality service. Fox Valley Animal Hospital is the one you choose for your family pet when the care your animal receives really matters.