Want the place that’ll put your family pet’s health first? Choose Fox Valley Animal Hospital.

Unlike a growing number of Sydney vet clinics, Fox Valley Animal Hospital remains completely independent. Because of the independent nature of the operation, the FVAH team can provide elements of case that other Sydney vets simply can’t supply.

Here are just some of the reasons why you should choose Fox Valley Animal Hospital:

A great vet to vet nurse ratio

At Fox Valley Animal Hospital, we use the team that gives your family pet the best chance of full health. We ensure we have enough staff to manage our vet clinic, that surgery and intensive care unit is properly supported, and that your animal doesn’t have to contend with long waiting periods for often life saving treatments.

A postitive work environment for our staff

Doctor Hannah Spitzer is a great believer in the right attitude influencing the health outcomes of his animal patients. That’s why he chooses staff based on their skills, knowledge, training- and their ability to learn as well as attitude to patient care. Each member of staff makes a commitment to continuous learning and are chosen for their ability to keep up the pace in a busy animal hospital.

Patient care is always the priority

With no parent company or franchise headquarters to answer to Fox Valley Animal Hospital remains able to make decisions for your family pet on his or her needs. We never put profit before your pet’s healthcare and treatment options.

What you see is what you get

Hannah and her team of trained veterinary professionals genuinely love animals, are interested in sharing knowledge with you and are always looking for opportunities to connect with the local animal loving community. That’s why we’re always happy to share advice on healthcare via our social media and blog.

We empower you to keep your family pet healthy

Whether you have an animal with special needs or one that holds a special place in your family, helping you help your pet stay healthy, happy and active is our goal. That’s why we provide advice on diet, exercise, medications and give you a range of healthcare options to ensure your family pet has the best opportunity to stay fit.

It’s in the little extras

We’re more than Wahroonga’s favourite veterinary hospital. We run a cat adoption service. And care for a large amount of native wildlife.

From the very first visit you and your pet make with us through to the very last, your pet is our priority at Fox Valley Animal Hospital.

Give your furred or feathered friend the best care possible