Winter pet healthcare promotions from Fox Valley Animal Hospital

Got a Sydney pet? Live in the Upper North Shore? Check us out.

At Fox Valley Animal Hospital, we do what we can to encourage all-year animal health through pet healthcare promotions that are meeting the needs of each season. When we enter winter, pets start to have new health concerns and complaints. That’s where Fox Valley Animal Hospital comes in. We work with you to provide a range of great pet healthcare promotions to match the seasons and your needs.

Want great pet healthcare promotions? Pop into our Wahroonga vet clinic and take advantage of these great offers for your Sydney pet

Something for our new customers

Fox Valley Animal Hospital draws clients from all over the Wahroonga and Turramurra catchment areas. We do what we can to make your experience with us as helpful and happy as possible. One of those things is welcoming new people to the area and to our vet clinic with open arms.

Here are some of the great offers you can take advantage of this autumn while you get to know us.

$20 off your first grooming session

Whether you’ve moved in the Wahroonga Turramurra area, you’ve decided to change vets or you have a new family pet, we welcome you to our door.

Our vet nurses adore the opportunity to meet a new Sydney pet. Our vets love meeting new patient faces in the neighbourhood.

Another face that loves to meet the new dogs is our in-house dog groomer, Jennie.

That’s why we welcome you with a $20 voucher to use towards your first visit at the Pooch Parlour.

dog grooming wahroongaGrooming your pet is a big part of pet healthcare. Losing that old fur means your dog is less likely to suffer from issues such as heat stroke or skin irritations.

Plus it gives Jennie our dog groomer the opportunity to check on your dog’s skin health and fur condition. Jennie knows the signs to look for with unhealthy dog skin. She’s able to spot allergies, flea and parasite activity, injuries, infections, and general skin health issues in your dog. And we have our skin vet Katie on staff to assess what the groomer finds.

Grooming means your pet is clean, comfortable, pat-friendly and looking great in the process. All while getting a little extra assistance with staying well.

So be sure you make use of your first timer discount at the Pooch Parlour and discover it for yourself. We offer these sorts of pet healthcare promotions so you can discover different parts of the services we provide.

Savings on Royal NYGoodHealth Canin food

royal caninAt Fox Valley Animal Hospital, we focus on pet nutrition as part of preventing disease and other issues in your family pet. We stock Royal Canin because it is the healthiest, best balanced pet food on the market today. We want every Sydney pet healthy through great nutrition.

Most loving pet owners don’t realise that many of the pet foods on the market today have limited nutritional value. Many of the supermarket brands contain too much fat, salt and other additives that can negatively impact your pet’s health.

Vet Alex Brittan has made it his business to study the pet foods on the market and ensure he only stocks healthy foods. That way, it makes your decision making process easier. Alex also works with Royal Canin to make sure he can stock not only the best food, but also take advantage of any discount on offer.

For new customers to Fox Valley Animal Hospital, we offer a special on your first Royal Canin purchase. That’s across cat and dog food from puppy or kitten to adult, as well as specialty lines in the Royal Canin range.

You can choose from food for dietary conditions, to aid with tooth and bone issues, to help lose extra pet weight, enhance mobility and more.

For existing customers, you can buy 10 Royal Canin food bags and receive your 11th free.  This is one of our ongoing pet healthcare promotions that ends up making a real saving for you while keeping your pet in tip top condition.

That way, you pet can eat their way to good health from the first visit.

Arthritis relief for your pet

The older a Sydney pet gets, the more likely mobility issues can occur. The change in weather often sees pets slow down. Arthritis in pets can be quite painful.

Ongoing medication and proper diet is part and parcel of minimising the impact of arthritis.

At Fox Valley Animal Hospital, we offer support for arthritis in 3 ways.

  • You can come in for a pet arthritis check. This is of no extra charge and is simply billed as a standard consult
  • If it is your first time visiting, you can use your voucher on some mobility support Royal Canin food for your pet
  • We offer a loyalty special on arthritis relief medication, Loxicom

Loxicom is available via vet prescription. What it does is reduce the inflammation and pain associated with pet arthritis and the degeneration of tissue and joint at the site.

Providing relief from arthritis may be a long term requirement for your pet’s health. That’s why we make Loxicom cheaper for you to use by offering a loyalty discount.

If you buy 4 bottles of Loxicom, you always receive the 5th free. Simply buy your Loxicom at Fox Valley Animal Hospital and present your loyalty card with each visit.

Flea and tick prevention fun

Bravecto is a great flea and tick prevention tablet for dogs we stock at Fox Valley Animal Hospital. It cuts down the need to give separate medications. And it works across many months rather than as a monthly dose.

Many Sydney pet owners don’t realise that fleas and ticks are still an issue in the colder months. While the activity may be lower than summer breeding times, fleas and ticks still exist during autumn and winter. And flea and tick preventions work at their best when usage is consistent.

Bravecto have come up with a nifty promo to remind us to do both the most neglected aspects of pet healthcare maintenance. They are giving away free ball launchers with every packet purchased.

Pet healthcare promotions that are fun as well as practical are one of your favourites here at Fox Valley Animal Hospital! You and your dog have no excuse to hit the park, flea and tick free. How great is that?

Ongoing pet healthcare promotions: Wednesdays is seniors day

Present your Seniors Card when you arrive

Present your Seniors Card when you arrive

Many of our most loyal customers have been with us for decades. And we love that you’ve grown your fur families with us. We love seeing Sydney pet friends and their humans come through our doors.

That’s why Fox Valley Animal Hospital offers a seniors discount on Wednesdays.

All you need to do is ring and book an appointment on Wednesday and let us know you’d like to take advantage of the offer. Then when you and your pet come in for the appointment, present your Seniors Card to the vet nurses and we’ll honour your discount.

All we ask is you book in advance and let us know at the time of booking.

Choose our winter Sydney pet healthcare promotions and save

Our aim is to help the loving pet owners and animal carers of Turramurra and Wahroonga area gain access to proper animal healthcare. We do what we can to offer discounts and specials that lower the barrier to keeping your pet fit and healthy.

Protect your Sydney pet and their health with quality advice and help at the right price with Fox Valley Animal Hospital. Book into our vet clinic today on (02) 9489 4805

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Owner and Vet Alex Brittan, Vet Katie Syms and the team of Fox Valley Animal Hospital pride themselves on quality service. Fox Valley Animal Hospital is the one you choose for your family pet when the care your animal receives really matters.