Winter pet healthcare specials from Fox Valley Animal Hospital

Winter pet healthcare specials from Fox Valley Animal Hospital

Don’t let this be your pet’s only defence against the cold this winter.

At Fox Valley Animal Hospital, we do what we can to encourage your participation in the maintenance of your pet healthcare regime. We do this by offering some regular monthly specials in specific areas as well as providing access to loyalty discounts on regular items you may need.

Here are some of the pet healthcare specials we have running over winter

Arthritis relief and mobility support

Winter is definitely a time where we see an increase in the impact arthritis and mobility issues can have on your family pet. But you don’t have to see your pet suffer in silence.

In addition to providing extra info and tips from our very own Dr Alex on arthritis via the blog (catch up with Dr Alex talking signs and how to spot pet arthritis, the available treatments and some preventative measures such as treating weight gain in pets for some advice), we’re also offering Synovan injections.

Synovan injections are injections that help reduce the impact of pet arthritis and the discomfort felt in the colder months.  They are great for reducing inflammation, stimulating cartilage synthesis and aiding with joint repair and protection for dogs and cats.

How it works:

If your pet is a suitable candidate for Synovan, you’ll receive 4 x weekly injections with a 6 monthly booster after that.

If you have pet insurance this type of treatment should be claimable. Just check your policy.

Benefits to your family pet:

  • Relief from pain and inflammation
  • Protection against further damage to joints in future
  • Greater mobility and comfort
  • Repairing of the existing damage in some cases

Current pet arthritis promotion:

Not only are we offering the 4 week starter during winter, if you purchase this treatment, you go into the draw to win a hamper of winter goodness!

The hamper includes all the things your pet loves such as new collars, a winter jacket, food and flea treatments – and something for the pet parents too in the shape of movie tickets and hand cream.

Interested? Book your treatment on (02) 9489 4805 before the end of winter to qualify!


Loyalty program for anti-inflammation medicine Meloxicam

In keeping with providing your pet with relief during the cooler month, Fox Valley Animal Hospital is now offering a loyalty discount for customers who purchase Meloxicam.

Meloxicam is an anti-inflammatory that helps provide pain relief and ease the discomfort associated with pet arthritis. Regular usage of Meloxicam is advised as it will give your family pet the best possible protection.

How it works:

Meloxicam is a daily use product. Meloxicam is tasty honey flavoured syrup you administer to your pet orally always with food. Unlike tablets that often cover a wider weight range on a “one size fits all” approach, Metacam allows Dr Alex and Dr Katie to tailor the dose to your pet. This leads to a more effective approach to your family pet’s treatment as an individual and saves you money through providing the exact amount (and not a drop more) to effectively treat your pet.

Benefits to your family pet:

  • Highly effective pain relief targeting the symptoms of inflammation
  • The daily dosage protects your pet from an escalation in discomfort
  • Tailored program to help your pet based on weight, age and veterinary assessment

Current inflammation prevention promotion:

Fox Valley Animal Hospital is now offering a loyalty program. Purchase 4 bottles of Meloxicam from us and receive your 5th one absolutely free. This equates to a saving of 20{4e16e80552bc34beec20bb748fa6a4b4bdde58d807858b510214db72831257f5} over a 5 bottle treatment.

To qualify, obtain a Meloxicam loyalty card from one of our helpful vet nurses and present it each time you make a purchase.

Want to know more? Give us a call on (02) 9489 4805 or drop in to make a purchase.


PAWS Osteo-support and Osteo-care supplements promotion

The PAWS Osteo support and care range has been specifically developed to help pets suffering with arthritis or joint disease. At Fox Valley Animal Hospital, we stock supplements that are only made from sustainable sources and not made from shark cartilage.

How it works:

The PAWS supplement range is great for any pet showing signs of arthritis or joint changes. They come in tasty chews or powders that you use every day to help repair and restore joint function.

Benefits to your family pet:

  • Regular support against further damage to the cartilage and joints
  • In some cases, repairing of the cartilage damage throw strengthening and stimulating regrowth

Current PAWS Osteo promotion:

Keeping your pet warm during the colder months is great for ensuring mobility and keeping the pain of stiff and sore joints at bay. This winter, Fox Valley Animal Hospital has some plush pet blankets for those chilly evenings for the pets that need it the most. That’s why with every purchase of a PAWS product your pet will receive a soft, fluffy blanket.

When you next pop in for your pets PAWS Osteo supplements, be sure to take home a snugly blanket with your purchase!


Ongoing pet food promotion

Dr Alex is a big fan of feeding your pet the right kind of food. After all, it helps your family pet stay trim and healthy. The trouble is many Australian pets are eating the equivalent of junk food on a daily basis as the wrong kinds of pet foods gain the lion share of promotion on TV and at the supermarket. That’s why we stock Royal Canin veterinary foods as our chosen pet food staple.

How it works:

  • Your family pet benefits from regular nutrition and a consistent, healthy diet
  • Royal Canin veterinary foods are low in sodium, fats and nasty chemicals commonly found in other dog and cat foods

Benefits to your family pet:

Having access to pet food that your family pet not only enjoys but is good for them is essential to preventing illnesses such as obesity, diabetes, digestive issues, dental disease, bad breath and more.

Current food promotion:

We stock Royal Canin at Fox Valley Animal Hospital for all our cat and dog patients. You are welcome to purchase your pet food direct from us and receive a discount for doing so.

If you purchase 10 bags of Royal Canin food from us, you will receive your 11th one completely free.

To qualify, simply ask for your Royal Canin loyalty card and we will take care of the rest ensuring it is updated at each purchase. .

Want to talk about your pet’s diet? Give us a call on (02) 9489 4805 or drop in and speak to one of our friendly vet nurses so we can advise you on the right Royal Canin diet for your pet.


Looking after our senior clients

Dr Alex is passionate not only about his furry patients but also taking an interest in the local community. We are aware that owning a pet can be costly so offer a senior discount of 10{4e16e80552bc34beec20bb748fa6a4b4bdde58d807858b510214db72831257f5} off any products and treatments.

To qualify for the 10{4e16e80552bc34beec20bb748fa6a4b4bdde58d807858b510214db72831257f5} off seniors discount, book your appointment on Wednesdays (our designated senior promotion day) and present your seniors card each time you pop in.


Upcoming pet healthcare specials and promotions

Dr Alex is still running some of the new to market treatments through his personal vetting process; however we will soon have a few new treatment options for flea and tick prevention. And we’re gearing up for Dental Health Month in August.

Stay tuned for more pet healthcare specials details!


To find out about any of our current pet healthcare specials or to book your next appointment, call Fox Valley Animal Hospital on (02) 9489 4805.



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