An office dog is hanging around the desk of his master. His master is sitting in a computer chair with his screen on, cradling the office dog's face.

Is your dog cut out to be an office dog?

The office dog is becoming a regular feature in Sydney workplaces and co-working joints. Is it the right place for your workplace though? And is it the right role for your office dog? Let’s look at some of the considerations to ace office dog life Is your dog well trained? Your...
Open walls exposed to illustrate the visual link of an article with renovating with pets

What to look out for when renovating with pets

We’ve covered moving to a new house with pets before, so it seems appropriate we look at what you need to do when renovating with pets. Renovating is a huge market in Sydney and Australia generally and it has an impact on the whole family, including the family pet. If you are...
positive dog socialisation begins with a strong bond

Tips for providing positive dog socialisation experiences for your dog

Today, we’re looking at providing tips for positive dog socialisation experiences for dogs that might struggle with socialisation. A previous dog socialisation blog for general tips is available on the Fox Valley Animal Hospital blog. We also covered this topic recently in...
shy dog looking up at owner wearing jumper

What to do when you have a shy dog

It’s quite possible to have a shy dog. Or to have one that is socially awkward. Heck, you might have a dog that really doesn’t enjoy the company of other dogs at all. Socialising your dog is an important part of your puppy growing into a healthy, happy dog. Yet not...
puppy with sydney vet

How do you know you have the right vet for your pet?

A common misconception with pet owners is that your local vet is the best option. This isn’t always the case. Getting to a vet fast in an emergency is important, but what happens if the pet care you receive is not up to scratch, then the speed in which you reach it won’t change a...
Wahroonga vet nurses help with fearful dogs

When pet anxiety reigns: what do you with a fearful dog

Our Wahroonga vet nurses are passionate about helping fearful dogs overcome anxiety. We’ve talked about pet anxiety at our vet clinic before- and now we’re taking a deeper dive into fearful dogs. Some dogs will continue to be fearful all their life. It might come from their...
pets in apartments

Pets in apartments: How to make sure everyone is happy

Pets in apartments – it’s not such an alien concept these days. As Sydney house prices increase, more people are thinking about units, townhouses and apartments. In Wahroonga and the Kur-ring-gai area, while houses still dominate, smaller types of housing are becoming...
cat stress

How cat stress can influence feline health and what to do about it

Cat stress involves a lot of the body on a physiological, emotional and mental level. When cats are stressed, their heart rate increases, blood flows quicker and their breathing changes. Digestion and consumption changes can result. Blood pressure increases. The immune system can...
best animal hospital wahroonga

Training your dog to enjoy time spent in and around water

Even the best animal hospital gets a curly question on occasion. We occasionally get asked for dog tips at Fox Valley Animal Hospital that are common yet not health related. One such situation is people in search of water related dog tips. Summer is hot and heat stroke can really...

Why dog socialisation is important

Socialising your dog doesn’t begin and end with puppy school. Dogs are social creatures. They want to spend time with their four legged friends playing in the park and making the most out of being a part of groups. How well socialised a dog is can set the parameters for their...