Pet nutrition is vital to good health. As the old saying goes, you are what you eat!


Food and your pet

We all know the pleading big eyes of a hungry pet at the dinner table. Our family pets don’t understand what is and isn’t good for them. It’s up to you to ensure your pet’s desire for human food doesn’t put their health at risk.

This is why pet nutrition is extremely important. Problems with weight, skin and coat, digestion and muscle tone, teeth and bones are all influenced by the kinds of things you allow your family pet to eat.Unfortunately, pet food is one area where misinformation is rife.

That’s why we make education on proper diet and pet nutrition a priority.

What you feed your pet from the start of life through to senior years can have a massive impact on life expectancy.

Food influences health outcomes. You can better manage or even prevent common health issues such as ear infections, skin problems, obesity, diabetes, gum problems and tooth decay through diet.

Ailments such as cancer, bowel problems and issues with bones and joints can also be minimised through making the right food choices.

Food choices can even influence your pet’s mood. Healthy pets with the right weight and a balanced digestive system are often more active and enjoy a better quality of life.

To find out all about pet nutrition, please ask one of our helpful staff on your next visit, or book a consultation to work through your animal’s specific dietary needs.

Fox Valley Animal Hospital stocks Royal Canin foods

As a big believer in food as medicine, Dr Hannah has hand-selected only the best food and treats for the Fox Valley Animal Hospital store. Dr Hannah stands behind the quality of veterinary grade ROYAL CANIN.

ROYAL CANIN is strongly recommended as the best starting point for any healthy diet. It represents the highest quality and the highest ethical standards of any type of pet food available.

As well as catering for healthy animals, ROYAL CANIN make diets for almost every medical requirement possible. Plus they cater to the specific issues commonly found in some breeds of dog.  Want more information on which Royal Canin diet would suit your pet? Drop in and have a chat with our friendly vet nurses.

Health warnings for common household food stuffs

These simple foods can be poisonous and harmful to your pets.


Grapes & Raisins

Cooked Bones


Calcium supplements


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