sydney dogs in bali

Pet cafes and dog’s day out at the pub: The life of Sydney dogs

Sydney dogs are on the move! There’s been a growing movement towards taking our pets everywhere. Right now, your very own Dr Alex is winging his way through Europe with his trusty adopted greyhound, Neneh Cherry, by his side. But what should you consider when participating?...
pets in apartments

Pets in apartments: How to make sure everyone is happy

Pets in apartments – it’s not such an alien concept these days. As Sydney house prices increase, more people are thinking about units, townhouses and apartments. In Wahroonga and the Kur-ring-gai area, while houses still dominate, smaller types of housing are becoming...
pet theft

How to protect your pet against pet theft

Pet theft might not seem like a huge issue, but if figures from the UK are anything to go by, it’s a growing concern. Pet theft in the UK has risen 33% with dogs alone rising from 1,333 in 2014 to 1,797 in 2015. Pet theft can occur for a variety of reasons. Popular breeds are...
Wahroonga vet clinic - compassion

7 simple ways you can show compassion to animals

As your local Wahroonga animal hospital, Fox Valley Animal Hospital gives compassionate care to all our pet patients. But compassion to animals is more than pet healthcare. It’s all encompassing. Here’s 7 simple ways we can all pay more compassion to animals Supporting the...
veterinary clinic Fox valley animal hospital wahroonga

Veterinary clinic advice: Is your child ready for pet ownership?

This veterinary clinic is often asked if kids and pets are a good mix. And how to determine when your children are ready to care, love and own a pet. Pet ownership is a great way to teach your kids about animals and life. Not only do they learn about the pet, they also learn some...

Pet proofing. Yes, it’s a thing

Like baby proofing, pet proofing is important. If you and the family have decided it’s time to get a pet, there are a few things you’ll need to consider about your home to keep your pets safe and happy. So if you’re about the take the leap into pet parenthood, let’s take a quick...

Dog friendly long weekend activities

Dog friendly places are becoming more and more popular. And why not? Bringing the family together for a long weekend is a lot of fun- especially if you can get the dog involved. We’ve put together a few jaunts you may wish to try when you have a long weekend and a dog that’s up...