cat stress

How cat stress can influence feline health and what to do about it

Cat stress involves a lot of the body on a physiological, emotional and mental level. When cats are stressed, their heart rate increases, blood flows quicker and their breathing changes. Digestion and consumption changes can result. Blood pressure increases. The immune system can...

What to do with your pets when there is a bushfire

One of the wonderful parts of Wahroonga and the Ku-Ring-Gai area is it’s wonderfully leafy. The downside of course is that bushfires are a real risk. We’ve covered what to do with your family pets in a natural disaster style situation previously. At all times, if you and/or your...
cat health tips

Cat health tips: Give your cat an end of year health review  

Looking for some great cat health tips? You’ve come to the right place. Cat health doesn’t only come down to the veterinary healthcare professionals. Owners need to play a part in maintaining at home as well. So, what can you do to improve the health of your feline friend? Check...
wind phobia in dogs

Dealing with wind sensitivity and wind phobia in dogs

Wind phobia is a real thing your dog may have to contend with. Just like humans, dogs and cats can have phobias. They can develop through unpleasant interactions with items. Or they can be something that comes from within. Common fears that dog owners come across are things like...

How to have a happy, healthy pet during winter

At our Wahroonga animal clinic, we take winter seriously. As we enter the cooler weather, it’s time to think of how our pets will respond. Unlike us, our family pets can’t pop on the heater or let us know what they need. So it’s up to us as pet parents to ensure that comfort and...
local animal hospital winter

Fun things to do with your dog this winter

We’ve been feeling the chill in the air at our local animal hospital, Wahroonga (and surrounds)! It may not be light, sunny or warm enough to enjoy your daily walk with your dog, but you can keep up exercise and stimulation. Your dog needs exercise and stimulation to remain...

Why what your pet eats is incredibly important

As a Wahroonga small animal vet clinic, we see a lot of lifestyle illness and disease associated with pet eating habits and diet. While our dogs seem to have a ceaseless appetite for food and our cats are always on the leg rubbing scrounge, they are not designed to eat...
sydney pets

5 things you can to improve the health of pets in Sydney

At Fox Valley Animal Hospital, we see a lot of pets in Sydney that are loved by their entire family. It’s not surprising. Nothing quite crawls into your heart like a family pet. Pets have the unique ability to bring out the best in us. When we need comfort, they are there....
local vet clinic wahroonga summer

How to have a happy summer with your family pet

As the local vet clinic to Wahroonga, we know summer time is great for family pets and their families. There’s the beach and water ways to play in. Walking, cycling and exercise become so much more appealing. And everyone is generally more relaxed due to the festive season and...
pet hospital fox valley animal hospital

Advice from your pet hospital on having a safe Christmas

As a pet hospital, we’re quite mindful of holiday season. But for an entirely different reason to what you may think. Yes, we love to spend time with our family and on holidays. And yes, we love Christmas cheer. It’s the time where most of us break out those little...