An older man is driving in his convertible with two shaggy dogs along for the ride. They could be on their way to an animal veterinary clinic or out for an adventure.

The positive impacts a pet can make on elderly Australians

Our animal veterinary clinic sees a lot of regular faces through the doors. Wahroonga and surrounding areas such as Turramurra, Beecroft and Westleigh often attract people who spend their entire lives in the area. Generations of family live, love, grow, school and retire to the...
Photo of the recent puppy preschool graduates at Fox Valley Animal Hospital in Wahroonga.

Understanding the benefits of puppy preschool

Puppy preschool may sound like a weird concept. But it has a lot of benefits for your new puppy. At Fox Valley Animal Hospital, we not only support the idea of sending all new puppies to puppy preschool and other forms of training, we offer our own puppy preschool classes in...
Open walls exposed to illustrate the visual link of an article with renovating with pets

What to look out for when renovating with pets

We’ve covered moving to a new house with pets before, so it seems appropriate we look at what you need to do when renovating with pets. Renovating is a huge market in Sydney and Australia generally and it has an impact on the whole family, including the family pet. If you are...
cat looking up - cat behavioural issues

Common cat behavioural issues and what to do about them

All animals can have quirks. But what do you do when your it’s looking less like quirks and more like cat behavioural issues in your house? Like anyone, when you’re dealing with behaviour related issues, cats need guidance, support and potentially extra help. You as a cat owner...
positive dog socialisation begins with a strong bond

Tips for providing positive dog socialisation experiences for your dog

Today, we’re looking at providing tips for positive dog socialisation experiences for dogs that might struggle with socialisation. A previous dog socialisation blog for general tips is available on the Fox Valley Animal Hospital blog. We also covered this topic recently in...
leave dog myths behind with the right advice from your vet

6 dog myths we humans need to leave behind

Dogs definitely are the new vogue pet if all the internet memes are anything to go by. However, we’re also still repeating and perpetuating a lot of dog myths along the way. These myths may seem harmless, but they could be causing your dog frustration or even putting them at...
discussing cats health with cat peeking from a tree

How to care for your cat’s health in summer

When summer rolls around, so too do the need to pay particular attention to your cat’s health. Here at Wahroonga’s Fox Valley Animal Hospital, we do what we can to ensure your cat stays in perfect feline health all year round. We show you how to care for your cat’s health in...

How to keep your dog safe in your garden

As Wahroonga vets enjoying the leafy green of the area with our own pets, we know dogs and gardens are a fun combination. There’s backyard cricket with the kids. Dogs love catching a few rays in the sun or having a snooze under a favourite tree. They also make great places for...
Wahroonga vet nurses help with fearful dogs

When pet anxiety reigns: what do you with a fearful dog

Our Wahroonga vet nurses are passionate about helping fearful dogs overcome anxiety. We’ve talked about pet anxiety at our vet clinic before- and now we’re taking a deeper dive into fearful dogs. Some dogs will continue to be fearful all their life. It might come from their...
senior cat

How to keep your senior cat happy and healthy

We’ve talked about senior pets and dogs– so now it’s time for senior cat advice. A senior cat is a wonderful pet to have. Cats are wonderfully self-assured animals with lovely personalities. Adopting a cat of all kinds of ages is usually a positive experience. But like any...