Giving Australian pets the best possible summer holiday experience

Australian pets are especially lucky to have use around for the summer season. Between public holidays and school holidays, it can be a great time for family pets to truly enjoy family life. At Fox Valley Animal Hospital, we love seeing the new Australian pets that summer brings....
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6 ways you can prevent injury in your family pets

While our local Wahroonga vet clinic sees a lot of action from old age, general medical complaints, genetics and illness, we also see our fair share of accidents and injuries as well. Treating accidents and injuries in pets often means healing broken bones, treating damage to...
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The perfect Father’s Day present for the Pup Daddy or Kitty King in your family

At the vet hospital at Wahroonga, Fox Valley Animal Hospital, we know your pets are part of the family. We know it can be hard to find good pet products. We pride ourselves on giving the best service possible to each of our pet families and quality veterinary advice you can rely...

How to have a happy, healthy pet during winter

At our Wahroonga animal clinic, we take winter seriously. As we enter the cooler weather, it’s time to think of how our pets will respond. Unlike us, our family pets can’t pop on the heater or let us know what they need. So it’s up to us as pet parents to ensure that comfort and...
Neneh is one of the many rescue pets that have walked the lass of FVAH

6 reasons to consider rescue pets

At Fox Valley Animal Hospital, we love rescue pets. We love them as patients. We love them as our own pets. And we help rehome rescue kittens and cats while also working with great organisations like Mini Kitty Commune and the RSPCA on a regular basis. Rescue pets are amazing for...
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Moving house with a pet? Minimise the stress now

Moving house with a pet now or in the near future? It’s always better to be prepared. Even the most well adjusted family pet can have difficulty coping with the idea of moving. Cats, dogs and pocket pets seem to have an innate ability to pick up on change in the air. While...
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6 things to watch with pets this Easter

As a vet hospital, we know the joy the holidays can bring to a family and their pets. Easter is a great time for getting the family together. It’s also a good time for mini vacations and enjoying each other’s company. Easter for pets however can come with some risks. This is...
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5 things you can to improve the health of pets in Sydney

At Fox Valley Animal Hospital, we see a lot of pets in Sydney that are loved by their entire family. It’s not surprising. Nothing quite crawls into your heart like a family pet. Pets have the unique ability to bring out the best in us. When we need comfort, they are there....
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Wahroonga vet hospital guide to summer holiday planning with pets

Take it from this Wahroonga vet hospital, you can definitely feel summer now, folks. During summer, there are a few things you need to look out with when it comes to our pets. The last thing you want to do is create issues so close to Christmas and school holidays. So without...
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Veterinary clinic advice: Is your child ready for pet ownership?

This veterinary clinic is often asked if kids and pets are a good mix. And how to determine when your children are ready to care, love and own a pet. Pet ownership is a great way to teach your kids about animals and life. Not only do they learn about the pet, they also learn some...