australian wildlife - a possum

Playing pet-safe with Australian wildlife in your garden

Staying pet-safe is a super important part of living in this lush, green area of Wahroonga. We know that we intersect with all manner of Australian wildlife. This can include a multitude of reptiles, insects and marsupials. For the safety of your family pet and the wildlife and...
feline pregnancy

What to do with a pregnant cat to ensure a healthy feline pregnancy

There are pretty much only two reactions we see at our vet hospital to the idea of a feline pregnancy – one of joy from a breeder or one of worry from a concerned pet owner or citizen. Unwanted kittens are problematic in our society. They cause people to freak out and even the...
Neneh is one of the many rescue pets that have walked the lass of FVAH

6 reasons to consider rescue pets

At Fox Valley Animal Hospital, we love rescue pets. We love them as patients. We love them as our own pets. And we help rehome rescue kittens and cats while also working with great organisations like Mini Kitty Commune and the RSPCA on a regular basis. Rescue pets are amazing for...
wahroonga wildlife

Hayley’s guide to helping distressed Wahroonga wildlife

Nurse Hayley here again, this time with some useful tips about the Wahroonga wildlife. I worked in the UK for many years as a veterinary nurse  surrounded by the beautiful British wildlife.  But I can honestly say nothing quite prepared me for the wonders of the Wahroonga...

Fox Valley Animal Hospital talks cat rehoming

You’ve probably seen a lot of posts about cats and kittens needing new homes on our Facebook page of late. That’s because we run a cat rehoming service. And while this is a very worthwhile cause, it’s a cause we wish we didn’t have to participate in quite as much as we do. You...

Choosing the right family pet for you and your kids

At Fox Valley Animal Hospital, we’re occasionally asked “should the kids get a pet?” If there are Wahroonga vet clinics (or any animal hospitals in Sydney for that matter) who advocate harder for bringing kids and pets together, we’re yet to meet them! The joy an animal...

Bringing home a new kitten? Follow this advice

We’re known as a top quality cat vet in Sydney. Dr Alex loves cats and even runs a cat rehoming programme from Fox Valley Animal Hospital. And we advocate for cat rehoming and work with places like the Mini Kitty Commune to help get the job of finding cats and kittens all...