A lovely snow white labrador is getting ready for puppy preschool in Wahroonga at Fox Valley Animal Hospital.

What’s new at Fox Valley Animal Hospital

Looking for a Wahroonga puppy preschool, looking for something to do to support animals and the wider community? Seeking ways to reduce stress on your cat or dog? Considering a new kitten for the family? Check out all that’s happening at Wahroonga’s Fox Valley Animal Hospital now...
Photo of the recent puppy preschool graduates at Fox Valley Animal Hospital in Wahroonga.

Understanding the benefits of puppy preschool

Puppy preschool may sound like a weird concept. But it has a lot of benefits for your new puppy. At Fox Valley Animal Hospital, we not only support the idea of sending all new puppies to puppy preschool and other forms of training, we offer our own puppy preschool classes in...
Open walls exposed to illustrate the visual link of an article with renovating with pets

What to look out for when renovating with pets

We’ve covered moving to a new house with pets before, so it seems appropriate we look at what you need to do when renovating with pets. Renovating is a huge market in Sydney and Australia generally and it has an impact on the whole family, including the family pet. If you are...
A cute small white dog sits in a field. It's attached to an article on the things to weigh up as a senior debating owning a pet.

Are you a senior interested in owning a pet? Make sure you read this

We’re taking a deeper dive into owning a pet as a senior. Previously, we’ve covered the positives having a pet may have on your life as a senior. Now, we’re going to look at some of the potential considerations that may influence your decision-making processes. Here’s what you...
Photo of a new puppy for a north shore veterinary hospital blog on new puppy naming

Things you should consider when naming a dog

Our North Shore veterinary hospital has seen all kinds of puppy and dog moments in our decades of operation. That first puppy smell is tickling the nose of a new owner bringing forward the beginning of a loving bond. Big plans for puppy school and training to support a new life...
make your pet run for the pet food you choose by choosing right

Why what you feed your pet makes all the difference

Pet food is a difficult area to navigate as a pet owner. Cats may get a bad reputation about being fussy eaters, but you’d think from your dogs’ interest in all kinds of foods that their diet isn’t something you need to put much effort into. Yet the food you serve can have a...
demonstrating common pets with disabilities such as the dalmatian with deafness

Uncovering the world of pets with disabilities

As an Australian veterinary surgery, we’re no strangers to pets with disabilities. Disabilities in pets can arise from a variety of situations. You may know breeds that are known for having some genetic predispositions such as large breed dogs with genetic hip problems, white...
cat looking up - cat behavioural issues

Common cat behavioural issues and what to do about them

All animals can have quirks. But what do you do when your it’s looking less like quirks and more like cat behavioural issues in your house? Like anyone, when you’re dealing with behaviour related issues, cats need guidance, support and potentially extra help. You as a cat owner...
leave dog myths behind with the right advice from your vet

6 dog myths we humans need to leave behind

Dogs definitely are the new vogue pet if all the internet memes are anything to go by. However, we’re also still repeating and perpetuating a lot of dog myths along the way. These myths may seem harmless, but they could be causing your dog frustration or even putting them at...
shy dog looking up at owner wearing jumper

What to do when you have a shy dog

It’s quite possible to have a shy dog. Or to have one that is socially awkward. Heck, you might have a dog that really doesn’t enjoy the company of other dogs at all. Socialising your dog is an important part of your puppy growing into a healthy, happy dog. Yet not...