rescue pet tips

How to make a new rescue pet feel welcome

Considering a new pet? A rescue pet may make a wonderful addition to the family. That’s why we actively foster kittens at Fox Valley Animal Hospital and work with countless rescue organisations and individuals to give them the best start in life. Making a new home for any pet is...

Giving Australian pets the best possible summer holiday experience

Australian pets are especially lucky to have use around for the summer season. Between public holidays and school holidays, it can be a great time for family pets to truly enjoy family life. At Fox Valley Animal Hospital, we love seeing the new Australian pets that summer brings....
new pet care with fox valley animal hospital wahroonga

How to bond with a new pet in 5 simple ways

No matter how seasoned in pet care you may be, starting again with a new family pet can be a big task. Those first 3 years of your puppy, kitten or baby pocket pet’s life are super important. They are also super challenging. So here are some tips for you to use with any new pet...
north shore vets guide to puppy toilet training - photo Torsten Dettlaff - fox valley animal hospital wahroonga

Your guide to puppy toilet training

Looking to ace puppy potty training? Check out the official upper north shore guide to puppy toilet training. We’ve collected all kinds of helpful tips from all our vets and vet nurses here in Wahroonga to help you ace this vital start to a pup’s life with th...

Acing a puppy’s transformation to happy family dog

Fox Valley Animal Hospital is one of the few north shore vet clinics that offers a comprehensive approach to helping a new puppy put the right paw forward. When you bring your puppy to us, we not only vaccinate your puppy, check their health and provide important care...