Online vet advice: How to keep pet teeth clean

At Fox Valley Animal Hospital, we believe in making online vet advice available via our social media (such as Facebook and Twitter) and our blog. This is one such time. We see lots of our pet patients showing various signs of dental disease. These discoveries are normally picked...

Why pet dental health is important

Smelly breath, inflamed or bleeding gums. Facial swelling. Reluctance to chew or yelping while eating. Tooth discolouration and broken teeth.  These issues are all signs of an unhealthy pet’s mouth. And an unhealthy mouth can lead to tooth loss, infection, and jaw problem...

Time for a trip to the cat or dog dentist for a dental exam

A trip to the cat or dog dentist (aka your local vet!) doesn’t have to be all about extraction and problems. Looking after your pet’s choppers is an essential part of keeping your family pet happy and healthy. Like you and I, dogs and cats are prone to dental issues. Gum...