Why what your pet eats is incredibly important

As a Wahroonga small animal vet clinic, we see a lot of lifestyle illness and disease associated with pet eating habits and diet. While our dogs seem to have a ceaseless appetite for food and our cats are always on the leg rubbing scrounge, they are not designed to eat...
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Wahroonga vet hospital guide to summer holiday planning with pets

Take it from this Wahroonga vet hospital, you can definitely feel summer now, folks. During summer, there are a few things you need to look out with when it comes to our pets. The last thing you want to do is create issues so close to Christmas and school holidays. So without...
Park manners are very important in avoiding pet fights. Photo by Julien Sister

Vet clinic tips: Avoiding those awful pet fights

Vet clinics see all kinds of injuries that might have been avoided with the right information and approach. Pet fights are one such situation. Nobody likes to see their dog or cat involved in a fight with another animal. But fighting pets aren’t just a distressing thing to see,...
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Simple ways to save money on pet healthcare

Any smart vet clinic knows that many families love their pets, but are worried about vet bills. A common thing that falls to the wayside as a result is regular maintenance. That’s why Fox Valley veterinary clinic Sydney works with a variety of locals in Turramurra and...

Does my dog have an ear infection?

Just like humans, our pets use their ears for balance and hearing. They can also suffer from ear infections from time to time. As a vet hospital in Sydney Fox Valley Animal Hospital see an increase in ear infections during the warmer months. This is partly to do with our dogs...
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See how easy pet weight loss can be with our FVAH slimmers club!

Upper north shore vet clinics see their fair share of weight related health issues. Nurse Hayley’s latest blog looks at ways we can improve our pet’s quality of life through a pet weight loss program called ‘Slimmers Club’. We have touched on all the reasons why our pets gain...

Winter pet healthcare specials from Fox Valley Animal Hospital

At Fox Valley Animal Hospital, we do what we can to encourage your participation in the maintenance of your pet healthcare regime. We do this by offering some regular monthly specials in specific areas as well as providing access to loyalty discounts on regular items you may...

Paralysis tick time again, is your pet protected?

Vets in Sydney have a common enemy- that of the paralysis tick. Every summer, beloved family pets die from Tick Paralysis despite veterinarians best efforts to save their lives. Tick Paralysis is very distressing for everyone involved. Having nursed countless patients with Tick...